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Steven & Chris

Chris Hyndman & Steven Sabados, hosts of Steven & Chris on CBC

The Steven and Chris Show: Two Gay Hosts Take Canadian TV by Storm
Move over Martha: former Designer Guys Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman will be taking up residence on Canada's national station, CBC, with a fresh new daytime talk show. Think Queer Eye meets Oprah.

Toted as a "lifestyles" show, Steven and Chris will tackle pertinent issues of the day such as entertaining, cooking, fashion, health, and their specialty, home decor. The bickering boys will also interview a slew of celebrity guests, who no doubt will have to fight to get a word in edgewise amidst the hosts' constant (and entertaining) cattiness.

This will be the fourth show that the Canadian twosome have hosted together. They are more widely known for their design program, Designer Guys, which aired for 3 seasons and has been seen in the US and over 17 countries worldwide. The premise of that show had the two guys coming into someone's space and helping them revamp the decor, complete with snarly comments usually directed at one another. A spin-off show, Design Rivals, had the two competing to win a client by offering up two different re-decorating scenarios. Whomever the client chooses to go with is the design that they must carry out. So Chic With Steven & Chris saw them moving away from their design roots and instead, overhauling innocent women and showing them how to be chic on a shoe-string budget.

Previously relegated to specialty channels like Home and Garden Television, Steven and Chris have finally made it onto a mainstream network with the CBC. This marks the first daytime talk show ever to be hosted by not one, but two, openly gay men. Kudos to CBC for putting it on the air! And with personalities as big as Steven and Chris', there is no doubt that this will be a program worth tuning into. Steven and Chris premieres January 14th, 2008 on CBC.

"Designer Guys" Come Out as Lovers
[BGay.com / 01-10-08]

TORONTO, CANADA -- Canada's former Designer Guys hosts Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman have officially come out as lovers, and have just taped the first episode of their new daytime lifestyle show, Steven and Chris.

The long-time gay couple was busy Wednesday with taping the very first episode of their new show, which debuts Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. ET on Canadas CBC TV station.

Together for years, Sabados is the more serious half of the couple who keeps his emotions in check, while Hyndman is the joker, cracking wise and cracking up routinely, The Canadian Press reports.

"I am a control freak," Sabados admits backstage after the lifestyles coach told him as much on-air.

"That's exactly what he is," Hyndman agrees.

"I now take that as a positive," Sabados says.

"Well, you have to love yourself, don't you? It's important to love yourself no matter what. I'm a freak and you're a control freak so that's the way it works."

Despite their different personalities, the couple say they rarely get on one another's nerves even after long and hectic days at work.

"It's like we don't know anything different," Hyndman says.

They fight sometimes, Sabados says, but it's nothing out of the ordinary.

"Of course we do, everyone does, but what's nice about it is that I can say: 'I had a really exhausting day, I'm fried and I'm wired.' And he had the same day. Neither one of us is going to want to go out and party."

The pair is delighted the CBC is taking a chance on them with the new show, and pleased they've got a lot of input into what "Steven and Chris" will explore every day.

"They're producing a show around what we love, what we do, what our hobbies are, what our passions are, what we're interested in, so they've taken everything that we do and made it into a show," says Hyndman. "We're not really just hosts - this show represents who we are."

CBC-TV Ends Production on Fashion File, Steven & Chris
Citing economic concerns, CBC-TV announced Tuesday it is ending production on two lifestyle shows: daytime chat-fest Steven & Chris and long-running runway chronicle Fashion File.

"Like every other media organization right now, we're facing big challenges as a result of a significant drop in advertising revenues," Kirstine Layfield, CBC-TV's executive director of network programming, said in a statement.

"We're not able at present to make the kind of expenditures we ordinarily would."

Steven & Chris will conclude production April 15, while Fashion File will wrap up March 31. According to CBC spokesman Jeff Keay, the decision affects 34 jobs: six permanent and 28 contract positions.

After production ends on the two programs, the shows will continue in their respective time slots in reruns, until the announcement of a new afternoon schedule "in several weeks," Keay said. [...]

I can't believe that the show is going off the air. It is one of the few CBC television shows I truly enjoy. Big mistake as far as I'm concerned. You could go a different route with the show to suit the economic times. We've got great Canadian talent here, and CBC could really be tapping into something big. If not I'm sure they will be picked up by another television studio. Hope you change your mind!

This is the worst day ever for Canadian Television. I absolutely love Steven and Chris, as well as Fashion File. This is terrible. Whatever they are replaced with will never be as good.

It's a sad day when a show as good as Steven and Chris gets a hiatus. It is a great, uplifting show......but I bet the networks will still want to keep showing all of us the bad news in the world, and that won't be cut! We need to keep these good shows going! If I win a lottery I am gonna try and help them out!

London, England__[Twitter.com / 10-15-09]

Steven & Chris - blog

Life has just become little more fabulous! Steven and Chris are coming back with new episodes starting January 4, 2010 at 2 PM everyday on CBC!

During the summer, Steven and Chris travelled across the country and abroad, researching the latest trends in lifestyle, decor, food, fashion and more. They have returned rested, fresh, and excited to share their experiences with all of you!

The boys will kick off their return in December with a prime-time Holiday Special, and will follow in January with new daily shows. They'll be expanding 'Ask Steven and Chris', where you can get the boys' expert advice on your pressing decor questions, and will continue to host experts and celebrities to bring you the latest trends in entertaining, exercising, beauty, relationships and more.

We hope you're as excited as we are, and that you'll join us again in the New Year for more fun, laughter and fabulousness!

Steven and Chris - design collection & bios
Steven believes the most important design element of any decor is the person who will be living in it. [...]

Even at a young age, Chris Hyndman understood that color was often the lifeblood of a room, bringing a vital energy to everyone who entered. [...]


Adam Lambert's Album Cover is Bad
Uh, Dana, I think the people on this website know more about "challenging the views of gender roles" than a straight female. Do you know where you are here, sweetie? LMAO

(soto voce: don't do it…don't do it. Oh, f*ck, what the hell!)

And Dana, some of us here are Adam fans, but we're still trying to get over the way he
prostituted himself so ludicrously last week for his "straight female" fans. I for one did not like seeing him make such fool out of himself. The album cover's kinda cool, kinda tacky, and really majorly ADAM! But why don't you ladies stay out of here and let us heal. LMAO!!!!!!




Bits and Pieces

Face Your Pockets

From Cityfile: New York
Jolie Palm dessert

If you love Top Chef and Top Chef Masters, you'll be pleased to hear that a third iteration, Top Chef: Just Desserts, will debut on Bravo next year. [via]

Mikhail Prokhorov

Nello Balan Strikes Again
The Post reports that Mikhail Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire close to sealing a deal to buy the Nets, stopped off at Nello's on Wednesday and dropped $19,000 on lunch. What did he spend all that cash on? Miraculously, a crack reporter at the paper managed to obtain the bill:

$825 for three orders of truffle tagliolini
$600 for four orders of truffle carpaccio
$210 for three orders of veal chops with mushrooms
$72 for six large waters
$15 for a bowl of chicken soup
$5,000 for a bottle of vintage 1998 Chateau Petrus
$3,600 for two bottles of 2002 Montrachet Latour
$3,750 in tips

Of course, Nello Balan, the restaurant's bleached-blond owner and one of the city's most relentless publicity seekers, had absolutely nothing to do with revealing any of these details: [...]

Nello Balan: Call Your Lawyer
Nello Balan is the owner of Nello, the exceedingly mediocre Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side. He's also one of the city's most shameless—and most notorious—publicity hounds. Balan's latest attempt at drumming up attention, however, now appears to be exploding in his face. Last week, a receipt "surfaced" indicating that Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich had spent $52,000 on lunch. (The bill was for $47,000, but TMZ, which first reported the story, said the billionaire had tacked on a $5,000 tip.) But a spokesman for Abramovich tells us the bill wasn't his and the mogul may pursue legal action against Balan for suggesting otherwise. [...]

Why compliment Nello's by saying the food is mediocre when we all know you can get better tasting pasta at a church social in rural Appalachia. The owner of Nello's obviously needs mental counseling and seems to be a compulsive liar. What's really more telling is the stupid people who eat there. It speaks volumes about them. When will Madison Avenue be rid of such a greasy shit hole run by an equally slimy creep?

You might think that a restaurant where $26 buys you four slices of roasted beets and a dollop of baked goat cheese would be a gastronomic paradise, whose heavenly dishes demand sky-high prices. But if you thought that about Nello, a perennial redoubt of the Upper East Side's rich and occasionally famous, you would be wrong. While the food is excellent—not only those beets, perched delicately between sweet and savory, but also pastas like a penne rigate with brightly anise-flavored sausage—eating is not a particularly important activity. What counts at Nello is being seen at Nello: seen in your Chanel, your St. John's knits, your tailored Italian suit; seen canoodling on the banquette with your co-star; seen escorting your grandson to a lunch he'll ignore in favor of watching Spy Kids on his personal DVD player. Not that there's anything wrong with any of this. The culture of celebrity (and of money) is the culture of Manhattan, and if dropping upwards of $100 per person lets you experience for a few hours the life you desire, then a night at Nello can't be, well, beet. — Matt Gross

Cafe Bruxelles fries

Star chef Alain Ducasse weighs in on New York's best french fries. [via]


Jennifer Aniston is reportedly close to signing a deal to host a weekly talk show on OWN, Oprah's long-delayed cable network. Go figure. [via]


Bad news for CNN: The network now occupies fourth (and last) place in the cable news ratings. Not only did it fall behind Fox News and MSNBC in October, it also dropped below its sister network HLN as well. [via]
Georgina Chapman
The arm candy of film producer Harvey Weinstein, ex-model Georgina Chapman is also one-half of eveningwear label Marchesa and a small-time movie actress.

Because the notoriously pushy Weinstein is her husband and backer, Chapman's quick rise to the top has been controversial, to say the least. The movie mogul has pressured the actresses in his movies to wear Marchesa on the red carpet, it's claimed—a charge he's denied. (Although a number of women in Harvey's extended circle, including Cate Blanchett, Renee Zellweger, Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Lopez, have all walked the red carpet in Marchesa gowns.) It also emerged that Weinstein had attended a meeting with Anna Wintour and promised to help Vogue land covers with his actresses if she provided the fledgling label with exposure in the mag.

Jared Kushner
The son of real estate developer Charles Kushner, Jared is also the proud owner of the Upper East Side's favorite weekly, the New York Observer.

Jared's application to Harvard is discussed in detail in Dan Golden's 2006 book, The Price of Admission, which explores the system by which the extremely wealthy donate millions to universities to secure admission for their kids. Cited as one of the most egregious cases of pay-for-play, Golden revealed that Charles pledged $2.5 million to Harvard to gain admission for Jared, despite the fact his academic record hardly warranted it. "There was no way anybody thought he would on the merits get into Harvard. His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it. We thought, for sure, there was no way this was going to happen," Jared's high school English teacher told the author.

Shepard Smith
Fox News Channel host Shepard Smith is famous for his rapid-fire delivery, weird eyebrows, and ambiguous sexuality.

Smith consistently performs well in the ratings game—The Fox Report is the top-rated newscast in its slot cable—but he also has a reputation for being blunder-prone. He notoriously jumped the gun on announcing the death of Pope John Paul II, making the proclamation a day before the holy man actually passed away. In another slip-up—one that later became a YouTube sensation—Smith said that Bronx residents were more likely to give J. Lo "a curb job than a blowjob." (He meant to say "block party.")

During the 2000 Bush-Gore debates, Smith was arrested in Florida and charged with aggravated battery with a motor vehicle, after brawling with a fellow reporter over a parking space. The charges were later dropped.

Smith has repeatedly dodged the question of his sexuality, but in 2005 he was outed in a column in the Washington Blade. Kevin Naff, the managing editor of the gay weekly, said that Smith "chatted me up in a New York City gay piano bar, bought me drinks, and invited me back to his place." He lives in a two-bedroom West Village loft that he purchased for $1.87 million in 2004. Fashion designer (and fellow gay) Michael Kors lives in the same building.

Padma Lakshmi
An ex-model and the ex-wife of novelist Salman Rushdie, Lakshmi is an author, the host of Bravo's Top Chef, and an aspiring brand name.

Lakshmi met author Salman Rushdie at the 1999 Liberty Island launch party of Tina Brown's Talk. She introduced herself to Rushdie, and he stunned her by proceeding to rattle off a list of facts he already knew about her. (As it turned out, he'd been infatuated with her since he'd read a magazine profile of her years before.) Padma became the fourth Mrs. Rushdie in April 2004, when Rushdie was 56 and she was just 32. Three years later, after months of rumors that their marriage was on the rocks, the couple announced they were divorcing. She's since been linked to a series of older billionaires, including Ted Forstmann—the buyout mogul who also happens to own IMG, the agency that represents her—and Adam Dell, the venture capitalist and brother of Dell founder Michael Dell.

Stephen Colbert
Adored by smug blue-state yuppies everywhere, Stephen Colbert is the host of the second most popular fake news show on Comedy Central.

Colbert could hardly avoid a comedy career, given the laugh riot that was his childhood: He grew up in South Carolina, the youngest of eleven children in a strict Irish Catholic family, and lost his father and two brothers in a plane crash at age ten. [...]

Speak loudly into his left ear, he's deaf in his right one. He's also a religious Catholic, notwithstanding the fact that his audience consists mainly of godless heathens. He claims to keep Lent, attend church regularly and teach Sunday school.

Mile High Club
Hollywood Tan
Hollywood Fake Out
Something Borrowed

Close to Home
It's the Upper East Side. This isn't supposed to happen here!


Bright Ideas

Vending Machine Sells Ideas

Helping readers take blogs offline, Zinepal lets any user convert their favourite online content into ebooks and printable, magazine-style PDFs. [via]

Mix-ins have been a staple in many ice cream shops for years already, allowing customers near infinite possibilities in designing their own creamy confection. Now bringing comparable potential to the world of cookies is Toronto's Sweet Flour Bake Shop, which lets patrons design their own baked treats and eat them fresh from the oven just two minutes later. [via]

Premium ice-cream is a highly sophisticated food category that doesn't shy away from unusual flavours. But none of these stray quite as far from plain vanilla as an x-rated gelato by The Icecreamists that's touted to have the same charge as a dose of Viagra. [via]

It used to be that hiring sites focused primarily on objective information about the jobs they listed. Then the transparency movement set in, and sites like CareerTours, MedRecruit, Glassdoor and KODA increasingly began including more subjective considerations. Now continuing in that vein comes GetaGreatBoss, a South African site that aims to help workers find great bosses. [via]

Whether it's a consumer product or a piece of music, there's much to be said for allowing fans to have a say in how it's designed and marketed. Just as Dutch media entrepreneur John de Mol turned to the crowds last year for help creating the next reality-show hit, so brand-new site Genero.tv is relying on music fans to create the next winning videos for a variety of participating bands. [via]

Long gone are the days of boring mugs and faded postcards, as museums and other cultural institutions have become increasingly savvy retailers. Aiming to build on that strength, CultureLabel showcases products from over 60 galleries, museums and other cultural entities, 'exploring the space where culture and consumer culture meets'. [via]

Street Sign Table

Real-time price search has arrived, and with it some unexpected bonus features for consumers. German site Apnoti claims to have the first search engine to index prices for the German, American and French markets in real time. Currently in beta launch, the engine crawls over 65 million items in more than 10,000 affiliated stores for each and every search request, presenting users with a comparison of products' price trends over the past four weeks and current prices, accurate (in theory) to the past few seconds. Apnoti differentiates itself from other price comparison services which usually rely on daily updates by their operators, claiming that these services cannot cope with the price fluctuations that often occur throughout the day. [via]

A new crowdsourced initiative invites fans to remake Star Wars. People can sign up on Star Wars: Uncut to recreate up to three of the 1,313 fifteen-second clips that make up the epic space film. They then have 30 days to film and upload their segment before the slot is offered to someone else. The 337 contributions submitted so far range from live action and animation to stop motion and cardboard shadow-puppetry. Submissions can be viewed on Star Wars: Uncut, side-by-side with the original. Eventually, the site's administrator—Casey Pugh, a Vimeo staff member—will stitch all of the pieces together, letting the project reach its ultimate goal of recreating the entire movie. [via]

The internet may have given music fans unprecedented access to the world's music, but finding it in any kind of organized way can be a challenge. Now providing a location-based approach comes CitySounds.fm, a music browser that streams the latest music of the world, city by city. [via]

Just a few weeks ago we wrote about My Fashion Plate, a wardrobe management community for clothes hounds. While a variety of features are available on that site—including even personal shopping services—Looklet is a new contender that focuses exclusively on the design end with a virtual studio through which users can mix and match real designer clothes. [via]

Air quality is a matter of urgent concern to residents of most large cities, and Paris is no exception. There are currently only 10 public sensors monitoring that important variable in the City of Lights, however, so a new initiative now aims to equip everyday citizens with a special device that can measure and report air-quality data regularly for collective use.
The Green Watch, or La Montre Verte, is a specially equipped device worn on the wrist that includes not just a time piece but also a GPS chip, a Bluetooth chip, and ozone and noise sensors. At scheduled times—or on request of the wearer—the watch measures and saves air-quality and noise data, describing them in qualitative terms such as "good" or "bad." [via]

NYC Metro Cuff
Ideas Culture
Concept Feedback
Indie Screenings
Warm Cookie Radar

André Balazs



Set Me Free

Melina 106__[mouseskull]

Irreconcilable Differences: When Kids Dump Their Parents
As reiterated on this past Sunday's 60 Minutes, actress/producer/director Drew Barrymore had herself emancipated from her parents at the age of 15. But that's a drastic option...right? [...]

I haven't seen nor spoken to my parents in almost 10 years. (My 9 year old son has never met them.) And while this was not an easy decision to make my life is better for having made it.

My parents are functioning alcoholics, racists, and seem to lack any ability to respect other human beings.

As a teen and adult I was able to just ignore it or just avoid them and any confrontation. But once I was married it became much more difficult, and when I became a parent it literally became impossible.

Respect. I could handle a lot of their issues if they had only tried to respect me as another human being and as a parent. Instead everything I did was wrong, everything I was doing was wrong, and they didn't need me trying to tell them anything - about my own child especially.

When you have to put in writing a plea to your parents to 1) stop giving your 4 year old alcohol, 2) stop making racist comments/jokes around same 4year old, and 3) respect me as a parent and take the role of grandparent to this child - this is when things have gone on way too long.

And so letter was written, and it was hard and emotionally draining, and I ~knew~ that just by writing it and confronting them about these issues (that had always been ignored when I talked to them about it) that there was a 99% chance they'd never speak to me again. I did it anyway.

While my kids don't have grandparents, and I don't have a mom - which is sad at times, it would be nice - it is much better to have NO mother than to have one that degrades you, dismisses you and treats you like garbage. My life is better without them in it.

(I got on TV -a national news/interview show - was so excited about it. The first words out of my mother's mouth: "You looked fat." I got married and at the wedding, in the dressing room my mother warned me against having children because "you won't be a good mother.")

This wasn't a whim, or a spat - this was years and years of negative behavior that I was unable to remedy through the countless other ways I tried. It was a last resort but I do not regret it. My life has so much less stress now. Thanks to some therapy, and to Buddhism, I've let go of the anger and hate as well. Things are as they are. I can only do so much, and I can not change another person no matter how hard I try. It is better to save yourself.


Dear Diary...

Christophe Huet


Eric Bana
Happy Monday!
Bisphenol A
Porn Games


This Just in...

It was a warm, sunny Friday before Labour Day weekend and I had a shitload of laundry to do: heavy duty items that don't fit in my machines, like duvet and mattress covers, a bath mat and a giant ass beach towel. I visited a coin laundromat in The Annex neighbourhood, and with time to kill between cycles, a walking tour reacquainted myself with a once-familiar part of town...

The only time a yellow car doesn't remind me of a schoolbus is when it's cute and sporty like this Mazda Miata

The sketchy-looking Harbord Fish & Chips was across the street from the laundromat. I admit the smell of deep fried batter tempted me but it's at times like these I'm thankful for my gluten intolerance. The place looks like it's one rat dropping away from a Board of Health violation. I'm sure it's popular with the local student population but, c'mon, students will eat anything.

Harbord Bakery
Having saved a Toronto Star list of bakeries on which Harbord topped the list my husband and I finally made it down there yesterday. Our verdict after buying 6 different items is that the bakery is highly over-rated and over-priced. We'll stick to Dimpflmeier which are better and half the price and didn't even make the list.

Dimpflmeier Bakery reviews
Best place in the city to buy authentic German breads and pastries.

...their German style cheesecake is "to die for"

Put simply: this is the best goddamn bread in the world. Don't question it - just go get it.

Caversham Booksellers
"North America's largest mental health bookstore"

For the hefty $700 price tag, you can find much better or add $500 and jet to NYC for a more memorable, flavorful meal.

The University of Toronto was founded as King’s College in 1827, and it now occupies three campuses: Scarborough, Erindale, and St. George campuses. Liberal arts education is the key of the undergraduate curriculum at Toronto, and the Faculty of Arts and Science has more students than any other faculty. The University's library (Roberts Library) is the largest in Canada and among the best in the world. The University of Toronto Press is one of the most important scholarly publishers in North America. [Flickr.com]
I was once a pre-med student at U of T. I struggled through physics and chemistry - my worst subjects in high school - and then finally threw in the towel during the first semester of my third year. Of course, the School of Graduate Studies was simply out of the question.

Athletic Centre

I'm a fan of the low-key modernity of the Wolfond Centre

Robarts Library
The library building is one of the most significant examples of brutalist architecture in North America. Its towering main structure rests on an equilateral triangular footprint and features extensive use of triangular geometric patterns throughout. It forms the main component of a three-tower complex that also includes the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the Claude Bissel Building, which houses the Faculty of Information. The library's imposing appearance has earned it the nickname of "Fort Book".

There's a lot of concrete in this building - it's quite oppressive, actually

Walking out of Robarts, I heard loud chanting and clapping. Just my luck, my mini campus tour happened to coincide with Frosh Week. Hundreds of freshman dressed in their college's colours paraded by, as I sat on a bench taking in a part of campus life I missed out on the first time around.

Newman Centre
Toronto's Newman Centre is today one of that city's best preserved examples of Romanesque Revival architecture. It was one of the first buildings in Toronto to receive heritage status from the Ontario Heritage Foundation in 1977, not only for its exterior but also for the intricate and impressive interior design elements. The Archdiocese continues the preservation of the site despite the great expense. It has also been used as a site for movie and television filming.

Trinity College

About Trinity College

Students have been gazing out of this window for 158 years

The inner courtyard

More about Trin

Loosely translated: Memorize everything.

Across the street from Trin

Queen's Park

The Ontario government has its legistlative buliding here

I've lived in Toronto all my life, and not once have I stepped foot inside this park.

Wycliffe College, a seminary founded in 1877

About Wycliffe College

Wycliffe College Tour

I wonder if the paint job is 132 years old

Not a hangover-friendly hallway

The legacy of generations of fathers...

...and men who (perhaps) never made it to fatherhood

The shiny metal makes me doubt these are original to the building

It blows my mind that this building was erected 22 years after the invention of plastic.

Student lounge

Translation: No one. Speaks. Latin.

Gallery of dead white guys

A room made for snoozing

Funny, that wasn't there a moment ago...

There once was a guy named Melvil Dewey

"History of the Christian Church in the Middle Ages"

I remember books. I used to read them.

Lecture hall


I'm not a religious person, but I do respect other people's traditions; if this offers comfort to people, who am I to judge?

Downstairs, more moldy carpeting and creaking floorboards. Seriously, this building protests every footfall.

"Please 'test drive' one of these suggested practices"

Recess is over!

So, I was propped against a signpost outside Wycliffe, copying pics on my phone, when oh shit...here they come again...

...suddenly, I was surrounded by this teeming mass of frosh, a million strong...

...the fumes from their Axe Body Spray made me high...

...Psst, dude! Where the free food at??

Campus lesson #1: Only the "cool" people get a mascot

Hart House

Hart House - slideshows

_The walls of Hart House display pieces from the Hart House permanent art collection valued at over $10 million.
_Since 1949 Hart House has operated a 150 acre farm in the Caledon Hills.
_Hart House Theatre has started the careers of such Canadian legends as: Donald Sutherland, Norman Jewison and Lorne Michaels.

I'm intrigued by this

Ceiling treatment looks cheap, like ribbons of tin foil

Porters desk

Loosely translated: Come in. Sit. Ignore each other.

The hottest guys on campus? The chess players.

Inner courtyard

Sculpture adds interest to any environment

Exiting the courtyard

RAF = Royal Air Force
RCAF = Royal Canadian Air Force
CIC = Commander in Chief

Outside of Hart House was a guy selling farmers market goods

He had raw veggies, preserves and freshly-baked bread

As I walked away, I wondered about his business sense. He wasn't attracting much attention, and I think the last thing a student wants to buy on campus is a bunch of beets. If this guy wants to move product, he should sell organic pizza. Or take that bread and make sandwiches. Throw in some freshly-squeezed juice and he's got it made.

Wolfond Centre__Rick McGrath

Emmanuel College__viviloob


Robarts Library__MatrixElement

Three University of Toronto buildings, with four decades between each. To the left, the new Donnelly Centre (2004). To the right, the FitzGerald Building (1927). To the rear, the hideously oppressive Medical Sciences building (1969)__debcha

University College exam room__Ricardipus

Convocation Hall__Saad K

Convocation Hall__Fuzzy Rixard

Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building - set
University of Toronto - set 1
University of Toronto - set 2
University of Toronto - set 3



While my stuff was in the dryer, I had a light meal at this pretty little off-campus eatery located at 154 Harbord St. Its bright, spa-like decor and open-to-the-elements window seating makes it a perfect summer's day lunch spot or evening stroll ice cream pit stop, of which they sell many varieties. The service, however, leaves much to be desired. I was one of 3 customers at the time and, after waiting too long for some attention, I actually had to get out of my seat to flag down a server for the bill. The following review confirms what I suspected: There are a few kinks yet to be ironed out if the new owners want to continue to capitalize on DT's (formerly Dessert Trends) success in the neighbourhood.

DT Bistro Could Use a Helping of Honesty
We all deserve every opportunity, if it can be afforded, to do our best. I come back to DT Bistro again, and again, looking for a good meal.

True window seating makes for a speedy getaway (kidding!)

Bud vases?

The tiny bouquet is a nice touch

Sweet potato fries: Tasty but greasy; the dip saved the day

Asiago, roasted pepper and baby greens salad: Pretty plating; ok taste; too salty for my palate