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What Did Sandra Know About This Nazi Stuff?
missdelite: We're confusing Sandra Bullock, the person, with Sandra Bullock™ the commodity. Her name, appearance, opinions and movies are packaged into a neat little product for us to consume, which is why her image is a key component to her success. In fact, you could say that her entire career is based on her image, just like any other celeb. Right now that image is tarnished. Isn't this obvious? If she wants people to continue to invest in her career by patronizing her movies, then she needs to come clean and reassure us that she never echoed JJ's point of view on race. She needs to distance herself from everything he represents or else it looks like the opposite is true. Yes, her silence is compromising everything she's worked so hard for. We wish to continue seeing more of Sandra Bullock™, but the longer she remains associated with the trash heap that is Jesse James, the stinkier she gets. And no, she can't just divorce him and move on without addressing the elephant in the room. She can't leave it up to the public, the media, her backers, supporters and co-workers to assume she's not a racist. Why should we? Cause she's nice? C'mon.

As for Sandra Bullock the person, who knows where her heart lies? It's none of our business and not included in the fanclub membership.

+How to Tell People They Sound Racist (vid)

Hooker Headers

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Fashion Victim

Miley Cyrus

Half an outfit is better than none, right?

The Crappiest Outfit $15,500 Can Buy
missdelite: That kind of money could feed a coterie of models who'd get too fat for the clothes which would languish on the hanger then stored in a warehouse until they're reworked for next season or donated to the Salvation Army where some bum will barf on them and bump into a socialite wearing the exact same thing fresh off the runway accesorized with a Cartier watch that completes her "look" and makes all the difference between looking like a million bucks and..not

100 Bags
Design Moment

Granny Got Some

The Birth Control in Grandma's Closet
MY maternal great grandmother hid 6 gallons of moonshine in bed with her from the police during prohibition as they searched the house. She did this because they wouldn't be so uncouth to disturb a woman in bed and she got away with it. Unfortunately, she died at 29 of ovarian cancer but it sounds like they were a full 29 years.

MY maternal grandmother was a gangster moll and ran with all the bootleggers when she was a teenager during Prohibition. She later married a man, had two kids, divorced him, got knocked up by some stranger with my mom, and eventually remarried. It was only after she died and my mom hired a private detective that she discovered her real father was a married college professor.

MY mom moved to Florida with her boyfriend at 17, and was really irritated when I slept at my boyfriend's house at 19. (I'm 30 now, and I never slept with him, Mom.) It's self-delusion to help the older generation sleep at night. They know what they were up to, but they want different/better for us, so they pretend standards were higher when they were young, and try to hold us to same. Everybody's full of shit.



Look at Me

"Leave Britney alone!"

Brawl at Public Aid Office Turns Into Voguing Match
The entire country has become one rolling liquid tribute to belligerence, vanity, and an absence of soul waiting to be captured and then gone viral.

It gives my heart the functional equivalent of brain freeze when I eat too much ice cream too quickly.

missdelite: "..has become?" We humans have been rubbernecking since the dawn of..er..necks.

I am not so much referring to "rubbernecking," MD. It is the desire to be the object of rubbernecking and then to have that spectacle put on the web for all to see as the apotheosis of modern-day accomplishment.

missdelite: Humans seeking attention isn't anything new. One could argue that most of the shit we do in our daily life is for the purpose of validation. Think of how much stuff wouldn't get done if no one noticed us doing it.

I'm with you that there are some things that shouldn't garner attention (like violence), but for me the voguing was a charming footnote to a depressingly lame incident and I'd rather watch it on a loop than C-SPAN, any day of the week.

Also this: How many of us are afforded a wide audience to our daily accomplishments, be they great or modest? Few of us will ever see our name in a headline, win medals or be the subject of tributes, so a medium like YouTube allows Joe/Jane Nobody a platform to shine for a minute or two. Of course, it also invites the darker side because that's what we're made up of as well and there's no use denying it. I don't gravitate to those sorts of vids, but I'd rather know these impulses exist than sweep it under the rug. We can talk about "the good ol' days" as much as we want, but FYI: Norman Rockwell's world never actually existed and was just a figment of previous generations' collective imagination.

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+Ashton Kutcher, Celebrity Angel
+Facebook Status Update Leads to Burglary
+Phone Losers of America: Foursquare Stalking


Michael Thompson

Till Death

Matt Damon Loves His Wife, But Kind of Hates the Whole Marriage Thing
Actually, I feel the same way, and my husband knows it. We have a preschool son and a good relationship. But it's a good thing he travels a lot, because things go a lot smoother for me sometimes when he isn't around. Living with a partner is really hard. All the day-to-day stuff of paying bills and cleaning up and raising the kid grinds down a lot of the passion that brought us together.

Maybe my ambivalence about marriage comes from the fact that this is my second time around. My ex was a violent alcoholic abuser, so my current (and last) husband is a big step up. But if something were to happen, I wouldn't try my luck a third time. And if I ended up with someone who'd never been married and wanted the chance to experience it, he would have to find someone else.


Male Duty

Why did Jesse James marry Sandra Bullock?

Devil on the left, angel on the right?

Jesse James found her irresistable.

Model Behaviour: On Jesse James, Tiger Woods and Sex with "Trashy Girls"
The real story is, why does a man marry someone that is completely opposite of what turns him on?

I suspect-- and that's all this is, a supposition-- that there's cultural pressure involved. A lot of us men (and Woods and James are no exceptions) get the double standard programmed into them that "Trashy girls" are fine for a good time but you must marry a "Good Girl". It almost always bites you in the ass when you realize that the woman you married just isn't doing it for you but you stay married to keep up the social obligations of Being married. The cheating is just a logical extension of trying to be someone you're not.

missdelite: The social pressure you allude to comes from the family's motivation to carry on its bloodline and name. Offspring learn from an early age that family comes first and it's up to them to continue the legacy. Lower class families feel the pressure to progress up the social ladder by "marrying up", and upper class families strive to hang on to what they have by marrying within their class. "Good girls" are marriage material because they fit within the family structure - which explains why men tend to marry women who look like their sister or a younger version of their mother - or because they represent a step up the social ladder, like Elin Nordgren. "Bad girls" are sexually available because they're conveniently delegated to a world beyond familial boundaries, where there's no chance of them upsetting its harmony (or so men think).

For reasons I've yet to grasp, many men equate their sexual needs and true, barn-burning passion with something that's "bad" and not to be pursued within the home with their wife. Granted, some men have perverse sexual leanings that most women don't understand or indulge, but others have simpler needs and look to another woman as an escape. Question is: an escape from what? Routine? The challenges of aging in a youth-oriented society? Personal failures? All of the above?

Acknowledging these factors makes me wonder where "love" fits into the equation. What do men perceive as love when it comes to choosing a life partner, considering that he's encouraged to seek her within a very select, well-defined group? What happens when a "Romeo and Juliet"-type situation occurs? Is he threatened with banishment from family gatherings if he chooses outside of his peer group? Is the threat of being ostracized enough to make him reconsider his choice? It strikes me as curious that even now, in 2010, men still (for the most part) conform to familial/social dictates in matters of romance and marriage. If love is blind, then why do potential partners conform to a set physical type?

Or is marriage just an arrangement to please a man's parents, and adultery is a way to please himself?

Sandra Bullock's Advice to Elin Nordegren: "I Would Have Kept Hitting!"


Going Green

Plot: A writer partners with a con man to launder money.
Screenwriter: Douglas Coupland (Generation X)

Quote: "Actually, according to my therapist, I am a masochist. But I can break through the wall. Upgrade from being a masochist to being a doormat."

Paulo Costanzo (Road Trip, Joey, Royal Pains)

Paulo Costanzo as "Ryan"

JR Bourne (l) as "Bryce"

Steph Song as "Ming Yu"

+Clip: Office Cruise
+Paulo Costanzo interview (vid)

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Matthew Moinian

The Flirty Dozen

"Eastbound" t-strap heel, $89 at ninewest.com

Put Spring in Your Step

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Mad Beauty
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Gilles Marini


Dating Tools

Ugh. This guy??

The Goodbye Girl

John Q. Tweet

Will celeb culture be the death of twitter?

Twitter's Coming Class War

Dear Diary...

You know it's over when you stop waiting for him to call.



Gawker: I Quit


So, the avatar only shows up now when my comment's promoted? Interesting.

Hey Gawker, grow some stones and disable my account. It's bad enough I've been denied a star after commenting here for 2+ years. It's not like I'm some incoherent, high school dropout with nothing relevant to say - or is that the point?

You know what? Fuck you.

Gawker is mediocre at best. The only time things heat up around here, is when real people fuck up in a BIG WAY, like Tiger Woods or Balloon Boy or those Jersey Shore freaks. So why don't you go out there and stir up some shit before you put everyone to sleep?

And just in case you didn't get it the first time: Fuck. You.

Aannd..the avatar's back. Oh well, they should've given me a fucking star a long fucking time ago. It was insulting. They might scramble the comment, which is why I put it here. They'll probably disable the account too, but does it really matter? It's not like they ever wanted me around anyway.

At least here, my comments show up in the black, which is where they fucking belong.

missdelite's AWESOME comments on Gawker / Jezebel

Gawker's new EIC, Remy Stern, gave me a star. Yeah, you heard right. Ha! I guess sometimes it pays to kick up a fuss, although I certainly didn't do it with the intention of being rewarded. No, I was genuinely ticked off the other day and right now, I'm still basking in the glow of my verbal bird-flipping. Besides, it feels like I've burned a bridge and I'm not sure what I'm going to do next with my shiny little privilege. I won't stop having opinions, but I don't want to feel censured either. Has Stern put the proverbial loaded gun in the hands of a slightly reckless user? We'll see. But not right now, cause there hasn't been a new post up on that site since Friday @ 7:25pm. Where'd they all go? Oh god, I've broken Gawker already!


Tweeting Praise

Girl Talk: How Men Dominate Twitter
You're right, I went for snark and it came out condescending. And its probably vague because I've become used to compressing my thoughts into 140 character. But I digress.

My comment was just meant to say that your sentiment had been echoed when Twitter first started to gain traction, and that time has proven the skeptics wrong. Otherwise, why would there be 10,637,661,536+ Tweets in just three years? Why has Twitter overtaken blogging for providing real time information?

Twitter is a platform for communication that has more "real world" applications than could fit in a blog comment. But I can try: Finding jobs and boyfriends, keeping up to date with friends, finding out about breaking news, keeping tabs on organizations you're interested in, finding people with common interests, engaging public figures and journalists, controlling other electronics (there are a plethora of applications that allow you to control your computer from a distance with a tweet), communicating at/during/about events using hashtags and keywords....

The list goes on and on. It's a medium, not a product. It's a means for things to happen quickly on a unified, searchable platform.

And if you think that texting is the same as using a Twitter app, then I imagine you haven't used Tweetie 2 on the iPhone (or if you have, that you're extremely hard to impress.)