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Did a Law Student 'Cat Fight' Lead to Harvard's Racist Email Scandal?
So she's into white supremacy,who cares?!
I do. And everyone who's ever been the victim of racism does.

As Penn (from Penn & Tellers TV show) said maybe you guys are just to weak for the first amendment.
Penn's your hero? Now THAT'S weak.

You can't in allow health care rallies than ban Tea Party events.
Write a proper sentence, for fuck's sake.

You support Pride Marches and then Ban KKK Meetings.
Yup. But don't worry - you can recycle those sheets and a little bleach will get out the blood of my ancestors.

Everyone one needs to be heard and not dismissed.
Incorrect. Case in point: pedophiles, bestiality enthusiasists, incestuous grandparents and a commenter named "quickstrike".

I feel that Stephanie Grace is wrong, however I resepect her opinion.
She's a lucky woman to have earned your "resepect". That's like a budding chef being praised for his knife skills by Jeffrey Dahmer.

"While I may not agree with what she says, I will defend to the death her right to say it!"
Go ahead. I won't stop you. And if you don't succeed the first time, you're in luck cause this won't be the last time Ms.Grace puts her foot in her mouth.

And you know what? The irony is, I don't think Stephie would welcome your support. She's an elitist Harvard law student and you sound like you fell off the back of a turnip truck. If it makes you feel better, maybe one day you'll meet her at a Klan rally and she'll let you light her cross-burning match. You can remind her of the day you went to bat for her and she'll look at you as if you're dipped in shit, but at least you'll walk away feeling good about defending her right to regard you as the jackass that you are.

It Could Be True

Fail Culture

ROFL Con Tomorrow!


Who Were They?

Harvard Law Student Starts Racist Email War, Will Clerk for Cow Porn Judge This Summer
I'm not sure what the normal reaction to dissent here on Gawker is (as my silly name indicates, I spend most of my time on Deadspin). At the risk of being assailed with the sort of profanity-laced anger that this story has generated, I must say that I don't share in the rather broad view of what constitutes "racism" among the majority of commenters here.

The mere suggestion that it is possible that intelligence - however one might define it in this instance - is not distributed precisely equally among all racial groups does not, in and of itself, constitute racism in my opinion. So long as one does not extend that conclusion to any sort of moral or legal judgment that implicates the group, I don't see it as bigotry. Speaking personally, I avoid judgments about any group, and stick to individuals. Quaint as that notion is. But I digress . . .

Put another way - the refusal to keep an open mind that the results of some hypothetical (perhaps impossible) scientific experiment may run counter to one's pre-existing ideological tenets seems troubling. Blind adherence to those principles, no matter how benevolent they may be, could potentially compromise the acquisition of any truth that does not mesh with them precisely.

What's frightening is that it seems like, if many of the commenters had their way, this person would be barred from ever holding a job of any kind. Others upped the ante by expanding the target. The legal profession as a whole was deemed suspect, as entry into law school was evidence of either deficiency in the hard sciences, or poor moral character.

I would humbly suggest only this: That by taking so strident a posture, one seems less open-minded than the very people they're attempting to condemn.

missdelite: "The mere suggestion that it is possible that intelligence - however one might define it in this instance - is not distributed precisely equally among all racial groups does not, in and of itself, constitute racism in my opinion."

It may not constitute racism, but it does constitute lazy thinking.

I'm going to assume that we're referring to book smarts as opposed to street smarts, because the former is measurable by test scores while the latter can't be quantified into a neat, chart-ready statistic.

I define "book smarts" as intellectual training that prepares an individual for employment in a field that requires higher learning. If you want to look at test scores and make a correlation between race and intelligence, you first have to examine who has access to what academic prepatory tools and why certain groups have access in higher numbers than others.

Who goes to the best schools? Who can afford the best tutors? Who gets preferential treatment in classrooms? Who can afford tuition to an Ivy League institution? Whose father fraternizes with high ranking CEOs who can guarantee his recently graduated son/daughter an interview?

Once you've answered these questions, the next logical step is to ask "Why?", which inevitably leads to an examination of Western history.

The fact is, you simply can't draw any conclusions about the relationship between race and intelligence in contemporary society without looking at the history of conquest and subjugation, slavery, privilege (be it earned or robbed) and social exclusion.

This is why I called the suggestion you mentioned above "lazy thinking", because it's just too easy to blame one group's lack of progress on some hypothetical defect they were supposedly born with as opposed to a burden they were saddled with the moment they fell out of the womb. It conveniently ignores social structures that've been in place for hundreds of years and continue to benefit certain groups over others to this very day, in an attempt for that group to justify living off the fruits of other people's labour.

And yes, it's the same lazy thinking that leads to moral and legal judgments that implicate entire swathes of people deemed intellectually inferior. After all, how can one group justify punishing and limiting the personal freedoms of another group if they don't see themselves as intellectually superior? What, exactly, gives a group the right to act as judge and jury over another?

I can only attribute your lazy thinking to a certain comfort level derived from reaping the benefits sowed by past generations. It would do you well to acknowledge the sins and triumphs of your ancestors that afforded you a place of privilege in society. Maybe when you've understood what your family's been through, you'll get a clue as to what other families have not. Just be grateful your family's records have (most likely) survived hundreds of years. Mine - on the other hand - were lost the day my ancestors were either herded onto merchant and slave ships or slaughtered by conquistodors who "discovered" them on their native soil.

Who were my great grandparents? Honey, I don't know. Do you think my family's lack of connection to prosperous institutions over a multitude of generations has impacted my progress as a citizen today? Most definitely "Yes".

Oh, and guess what? My intelligence and genes have nothing to do with it.

Racial Profiling


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The Woombie

OMG it's a straight jacket for babies.

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Noble Deed

More Than 20 People Passed as Homeless New York Man Bled to Death
Sorry, but this woman deserves the brunt of the blame here. After getting her ass saved by this guy, she couldn't dial 911 and tell them she was just mugged at knife-point at X corner and get a patrol car to take a look around? Not only is this poor guy dead, but this douche is still on the streets looking for his next victim. (not that they would've necessarily caught him but Jesus, you never know...and at least there's an alert out for other potential victims.) Then again, maybe she didn't want to waste her cell phone minutes. Or have her green card status checked...?

missdelite: A person can jump to a lot of conclusions based on the scant evidence we've been given about this incident, but only an ass would say "this woman deserves the brunt of the blame here". Seriously dude, what are you smoking? Do you really think she gave a fuck about her cell phone minutes after having been robbed at knifepoint?

Obviously, you've never been attacked or traumatized a day in your life, in which case bully for you. I hereby sentence you to 40 days community service at a rape crisis centre to get your empathy back.

Or go punch a kitten, if that's what you're in to.

What am I smoking? What are you smoking? Do you really think I believe she's worried about her cell phone minutes? Sarcasm. Sarcasm. As for being assaulted or traumatized by an assault, yes I've been a victim of it in good ol' NYC, and the only decent thing to do in this instance (assuming the woman herself isn't also stabbed and dead somwhere) is to report this immediately for other women and the community.

missdelite: Sarcasm FAIL.

How wonderful that you're able to function with a level head moments after having been attacked. Of course, all victims are just like you, or else something must be wrong with them.

And this: we don't know for certain she didn't call 911. Maybe she did and the police took their damn time as is often the case. I certainly wouldn't blame her if she didn't, as it's also possible she collapsed at the nearest establishment from shock. Why don't you call all the area ERs and find out whether they got a call for a disheveled woman passed out on the floor of a McDonalds or Starbucks before chastising her for not having done her civic duty?

PS - I don't smoke, but I sure as hell know when it's being blown up my ass.

I hope that if we're ever confronted by a similar situation in the future, that if I come to YOUR aid and get stabbed, that you'll just go lie down in a Macdonald's or Starbucks all disheveled by the trauma. Like Mr. Tale-Yax, I look forward to bleeding out on the sidewalk because YOU were so traumatized. Heh heh, that's rich.

missdelite: What's rich is that you can't conceive for one second how a victim could possibly be in no position to help out another victim just because they were rescued. Somehow, my "collapsed/passed out" became your "just go lie down", as if the attacked woman casually stopped by the nearest establishment to enjoy a moment of rest between sips of coffee, as opposed to actually being caught up in the throes of trauma. How callous of her to ignore his chivalrous act! Why the hell did he even bother if she was going to walk away, huh?

Cause that's what decent people do. They intervene when they see a crime being committed, without looking for anything in return. Unfortunately, this man was a victim of cause-and-effect and he didn't anticipate being stabbed. If there's anyone who should be blamed here, it's the goddamned criminal who probably walked away with 40 bucks and a tube of lipstick.

At least Mr. Tale-Yax died having done something noble. Lord knows, there's no dignity in living on the street, where a guy can get knifed for his shoes and the sidewalk is likely the only place where he can lie down and not catch a serious case of head lice.

I take back my suggestion for you to go work at a rape crisis centre. I thought it might help you get your empathy back, but I see you had none to begin with. And if you see me being attacked, don't bother intervening. The guilt of not having returned the favour would surely kill me.


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The closest we will ever have to a back up Heath Ledger. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the next joker. The resemblence is uncanny, scary even.


Only YOU

"Why Women Find Their Parents Unpleasant"
missdelite: That 7.2% accounts for men who love their mother so much no other woman can compare.

As for myself, I hate being around website administrators who - after 2+ years - don't feel I have anything of value to add to their site. I don't take it personally, but I think it's a crying shame when women don't support other women who challenge the status quo. Maybe if I peppered my comments with more super, oooh, totes, haz and squeee, I'd have a star by now, but that's not who I am and there's nothing wrong with that.

My comments have been promoted here more times than I can count, but I'm tired of seeing them show up in the grey in the first place. It's insulting to my intelligence that my presence here is given less consideration than Lindsay "Can't See Straight" Lohan and Kim "Toilet Bowl" Kardashian.

"Female Empowerment", my ass.

If there's one good thing to come out of me abandoning my Jezebel account, it's that I'll no longer have to look at my comment page dressed in that nauseating baby blue and pink colour scheme. It looks like a fucking nursery in here...oh wait.

I'm going to leave you all with one last thought: Only YOU hold the key to your own cage.

Later, Jezebishes


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Neverending White Lights__Sunrise Records

Illscarlett__Sunrise Records__[pics: Blog.to]

Record Stores Unite
Thanks to the resurgence of in-store performances, stores now act as social arenas as much as retail outlets, adapting to serve a niche market rather than the general public. [...]

Tom Bunning__Cargo__London, England

Firetrap's Staggering Success!
FIRETRAP were the proud sponsors of this year’s Stag and Dagger – the ‘one-ticket-gives-access-to-all’ concept festival. [...]


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G-Star jeans

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386,170 Unhelpful Things
missdelite: I find it interesting that most of you feel I'm "judging" an overweight person if I see them indulging in an unhealthy food. That's not the case because I don't know that person and have no basis for judging them as people, but can the action itself be judged? Yes, I believe it can.

If you hear a heroin addict complain one moment about how they're tired of being addicted, and then see them shoot up the next, aren't you allowed to judge their action as being unhealthy and contradictory to their stated intentions? At what point are you allowed to say "Look, I know it's hard but you're hurting yourself and I can't be a part of it anymore"?

Also, in terms of what's causing people to be overweight in unprecedented numbers, I've heard the following reasons: slow metabolism, muscle weighs more than fat, heights increasing over the decades, glandular problems and genetic predisposition.

Ok, fine. For some people, but what about the rest? Let's get down to brass tacks and talk about food and our complicated relationship to it. Personally, I live downtown above a mall where every junk food imaginable is available within walking distance. If I didn't have a gluten allergy, I'd be scarfing Quiznos, Chinese take out and BBQ potato chips at every possible moment. It wouldn't take long for me to pack on the pounds and I'd find it near impossible to stop because it tastes so damn good. When will I hear an overweight person admit that their physical state is about how they relate to food and the fact that they're dealing with an addiction that Jenny Craig can't solve? This forum is anonymous and more likely to empathize with personal weakness than anywhere else. There's a real potential for a support group atmosphere, but not if people aren't honest with themselves and each other.

I have to say, I'm impressed when I see an overweight person on a bike or jogging on our streets, cause I know it takes a lot of courage to be out there in front of everyone doing their thing. To be honest, I'd rather join the "Health Acceptance" fan club because it makes more sense to me. I've a predispositon to do so and stand by my choice. Please don't judge me for it.



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The ol' Ivory Tower

The New York Post Explained in One Cropped Photo
Maybe I'm dense. I don't get why having this woman cropped out of the photo is scandalous. Is she somebody we should recognize? Was she mentioned in the article? How does leaving her in the photo add value - or, how has removing her decreased the value of the photo?


missdelite: People want stories, not the truth, which brings me back to that godawful photo. The Post published a version that was palatable to their audience, because they're in the business of reinforcing racial stereotypes that some people find comforting and familiar. It's their niche, which they exploit to great success. You claim you're not a Post reader, but your lack of understanding of the issue makes me wonder how different you really are from them.

I acknowledge that someone over the age of 10 can be blissfully unaware of racial bias in the media without actually sporting a Klan hood, but it's depressing to see how resistant you are to questioning your lack of insight into the matter when it's brought to your attention. You will never see how egregious it is for a major media publication to willfully ignore a segment of the population based on nothing other than skin tone, and I've grown tired of trying to point it out to you.

I don't know if it's the stubbornness of your age, the privilege of your position or a combo of the two, but any way you slice it, it stinks.


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Date Rate

"Shut Up Bro, She Was Ugly": Indiana U. Student Explains How to Rate Girls
"Men have been using the trusty 1-10 rating system to rate girls for what seems like centuries. Obviously a 10 is a knockout, and a 1 is something that should show up on the Discovery Channel. It's as universal as the 4.0 GPA scale or the dewy decimal system. One of my favorite things to do with my friends is to argue about what number a girl is." [...]

Rating Jackasses
1. This is the bottom of the barrel. Minimum of two Livestrong bracelets. Loud, obnoxious assholes who have to pay people to hang around them. As adults, all Ones will be convicted of exposing themselves at a playground. [...]

Entourage: Rating Girls


Contact the Author

Why Didn't He Call?

Your study is flawed because it's dependent on a.)the honesty of the male respondents, b.)their stance regarding the equality of women and c.)the perspective that it's mainly the woman's fault she didn't get a call back from the guy.

What about more insight on what the guy does to torpedo the chances of there ever being a second date?

How many men don't call back after the first date because they didn't get a blowjob like they expected? Or because they discover the woman's father is a garbage collector? Or because she yawned in the middle of one of his tiresome speeches about tax exemption laws? Or because she called him out for ogling every woman in a low-cut top in front of her? Or because she objected to him smoking in the car?

Or because she gave him the impression that she just wasn't that into him?

How about a book on the topic that's a fair and balanced look at what both men and women do to sabotage first dates?

Honestly, I'm disappointed crap like this still sells in the 21st century. Thank you for reminding me that it takes both men and women such as yourself to reinforce ass-backwards notions about a woman's place in relationships and society in general.

Keep these books coming, as I'm sure you're getting very rich capitalizing on womens' insecurities. Keep spreading the "truth" about male-female dynamics, because women around the world would like to thank you for helping to keep them in their place.

Now, where can I get myself a copy? I want to burn it.

Write a Review

How to Make an Ugly Girl Pretty Flask

***** 5 Stars Excellent



Awesome gift!

I bought this flask as a parting gift for my ex-husband who used to beat the crap out of me. He loved it! Next, I'd like to suggest a "How to Make the Two-Timing Fucker Pay Alimony" ashtray to throw at his car window. I'll take a dozen!

ADD A CAPTION: This flask will make him huge!


ADD A CAPTION: Jackasses Unite!


The Perfect Wife™

Jim Carrey: Elin Was a 'Willing Participant' in Tiger's Affairs
I'll never understand why Tiger would marry someone without first securing road beef privileges. This whole thing could have been avoided with a little honest conversation and understanding.

missdelite: Little-known fact: The Perfect Wife™ who loves her husband, looks good, keeps house and looks the other way while he chases tail exists on a tiny island in the Pacific populated by unicorns, leprechauns, honest politicians and bankers born with a conscience.

Perez Hilton and Ian Halperin did an Oscar-winning documentary on their existence which they refused to accept because they felt it defiled the integrity of their craft.

Demands for The Perfect Wife™ is now so great that they're being sold on The Shopping Channel by zombie Billy Mays, 1:10-1:15am, every second Thursday of every fourth leap year. Payment by delinquent credit card holders only.

Pope Ratzinger blessed this comment, so there's no need to verify its claims.

Everyone Wants


One Strike

Chris Rock Mocks Letterman Over Marriage, Intern Sex Scandal
Dave got his due - and if his wife is sticking around then that's their business. But it appears that around 1 in five married partners of either sex cheats. After browsing the internet, the statistics seem show (statistics are fickle, but you gotta start somewhere) that between 20% and 25% of married men cheat and between 15% and 19% of married women cheat, with the trends being that amongst men there is a downward trend and amongst women there is an upward trend. So, the "cheating gap" appears to be closing. What i think is missing from the discussion is that there are different degrees of cheating. While no one condones Dave's behaviour, it just feels like it's a lot less repulsive than Jesse James. Men and women who cheat because of some emotional distress in their marriage, for example the kind who find one lover who makes them feel in love again, is one thing - there isn't the arrogance there, just a lot of pain on all sides, and most of those cheaters probably did not set out with the intention of cheating. The ones who cheat just because they are horny and think they can get away with it, or feel entitled because they have lots of money or fame, is another thing - that's just plain arrogant, and betrays a complete absence love or consideration for their partner. Neither is to be condoned, but it seems like one should carry more condemnation that the other. [...]

Here's my point - A good person can make a bad choice and still be a good person, as long as they can see their mistake for what it is and try to make ammends and learn. But an asshole would only feel bad because they got caught, not because the had any remorse for what they did. And I feel like it's important to recognize the difference, otherwise people who make mistakes may be less inclined to care if they feel like it doesn't make any difference. Everyone makes mistakes, and our ability to forgive is what keeps people from continuing to make those mistakes - If you forgive someone, that person is more likely to feel an obligation to respect that act and become a better person. Granted, it doesn't always work out that way and we've all been burned, I'm sure, but I feel it's important as a society to try and recognize who is worth forgiving and who isn't. So to me, Dave's cheating is different -it doesn't seem to be borne out of pure selfishness, arrogance and thoughtlessness, but Jesse's does. Now, I am certainly willing to admit I could be wrong on both accounts, but for now I'm inclined to forgive Dave.

missdelite: No, sorry - James and Letterman are in the same boat. Neither one understands the concept of monogamy, both of them decided hurting their partner (both physically* and mentally) was worth the risk and both of them would have continued in the same vein if a third party hadn't exposed them. You do realize Letterman made it a habit of hooking up with young, attractive interns both before and after he was married, right? In fact, he hired them specifically for that reason. This isn't a man who made one "mistake" and learned from it. This is a self-entitled a-hole who used his position as a celebrity to get laid by women who'd never otherwise have given him a second glance if he were an accountant or mortician.

There's a long road to travel between feeling unhappy in a relationship and then coming to the conclusion that it's ok to philander. Cheating doesn't happen by accident. You don't just fall into another woman's vagina. It takes effort to gather contact info, make arrangements to meet and then continue to meet until the guilt kicks in, or the money runs out or you get caught. All the while, time passes and you convince yourself you have the right to do it and somehow manage to look your partner in the eye and lie about where you've been and what you've been up to over and over again. Don't you get the magnitude of this betrayal? How it makes a mockery of everything your relationship stands for? All of these steps aren't "mistakes". They're conscious acts a cheater feels justified in making. Let's face it, if there were no way in hell a cheater had a home to come back to should he be caught, he'd put more effort into working things out or get a divorce without having to cheat at all. But basically, cheating is a way to have your cake and eat it too. If relationships were governed by the "One Strike and You're Out" rule, then the concept of monogamy would be fully realized and not just some "pie-in-the-sky" notion we're taught to aspire to. End of story.

*Who knows if Letterman wore protection during any of his affairs; James most certainly didn't, according to his f-buddy McGee.

+Christian Bale vs. Tiger Woods (vid)


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Sometimes, the only way to avoid a toxic relationship is to switch time zones...
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...and even in the rain.

We Hope You'll Make it on Your Own, Kids. But We Doubt it.
Can't pay for your kids college? Just do what my parents did. Don't save a dime for your kids education, and when a great aunt takes pity on your kid and sets up a trust fund to fund his education, make sure you get appointed as the trustee so you can steal the money to set up a new business. When your kid finds out about the theft, promise him that the new business will pay for his college and grad school. Then all you have to do is forge your kid's signature and have him unknowingly take on a huge pile of student loans to finance his college education while you get rich off your new business. Make sure to laugh when he brings up your promise to pay for grad school. He will only discover the loans after he gets into law school and makes his own financial aide application, and by that time the statute of limitations will have expired for your fraud and breach of trustee responsibilities. And be sure to act shocked and confused when your firstborn no longer speaks to you.

missdelite: Whoa, there's a special place in the Evil Parents Hall of Fame for those two. People will try to guilt-trip you into forgiving them cause they're your "parents", but shared DNA doesn't give anyone the right to fuck you over. Here's hoping you move on with your dignity intact and a billion miles between you and them. Physical distance doesn't erase past pain but it sure as hell helps you to face a future without their meddling ways. Works for me, anyway.


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