Fave Products

The Simply Bar: Lemon Coconut
$__@ Noah's Natural Foods
Note: gluten free - sweetener = agave syrup & brown rice syrup - has "natural flavour"
Verdict: good lemon coconut flavour - not very sweet - slightly granular texture from tapioca starch
The Simply Bar

Bija Hazelnut Omega Truffles by Udo's Choice
$__@ Noah's Natural Foods
Note: good source of essential fatty acids (EFAs) - sweetener = cane sugar
Verdict: tasty - not too sweet - smooth texture - I don't taste the hazelnut
Bija Bars

Original Movie Theater Popcorn by Popcorn, Indiana
$4.99 @ Whole Foods
Note: has 0.2g trans fat - attractive bag but it's large size & thick, heavy-duty plastic makes me wish snack bags were biodegradable
Verdict: good flavour - avoid if you're watching your calorie & fat intake

It began in the fall of 1946, when America was on a winning streak. Cars were getting bigger, Rock & Roll was being invented, and Movie Theaters began making that crunchy, buttery treat that forever changed the way we watch movies. Now you can enjoy the same crunchy, buttery goodness at home.
So bust open this bag, turn the lights down and crank up the DVD player with your favorite flick. We want you to savor the complete movie theater experience, without your feet sticking to the floor, for once.
Popcorn, Indiana

Nativa Organics Jalapeno Potato Chips
$2.49 @Shoppers Drug Mart
Note: "Produced in a facility that processes products containing wheat & soy."
Verdict: awesome! - lightest, crispiest chips on the market - not too salty
(see website below)

Quinoa Flakes by Gogo Quinoa
$3.97 @Whole Foods
Note: unattractive box - simple prep (just add boiling water) - gluten free
Verdict: convenient - add cinnamon, raisins, raw sesame seeds etc. for a satisfying breakfast cereal

Neal Brothers Organic White Cheddar Popcorn
$2.99 @Whole Foods
Note: attractive bag
Verdict: tasty - not too salty - crispy-crunchy texture

Snack Better Sahale Snacks: Dauphine
$5.99 @Whole Foods
Note: walnuts w/blueberries, banana, coconut & lavender - sweetened with cane juice, tapioca syrup & sugar - has "spices", whatever that is - attractive, resealable pouch - 5 other nut-combos avail.
Verdict: unusual taste - salty & sweet - ginger adds interest

Nativa Organics Mini Milk Chocolate Covered Rice & Sesame Cakes
$1.99 @Shoppers Drug Mart
Note: sweetened with organic sugar
Verdict: yum! - light & crispy - satisfies chocolate craving

Nativa Organics Natural Pecans
$6.99 @Shoppers Drug Mart
Note: certified organic - attractive resealable pouch
Verdict: pricey but high quality - large, meaty, fresh-tasting nuts

Michael Season's Unsalted Potato Chips
$4.69 @Whole Foods
Note: "reduced fat" - "not a sodium-free food"
Verdict: plain taste but good for low salt diets - light & crispynaturalsnacks.com/

PaneRiso Foods Maple Nut Cookies
$5.39 @Whole Foods
Note: gluten free
Verdict: not bad - very sweet & maple syrupy canbrands.ca/

Spry Sugarfree Spearmint Gum
$1.39 @Whole Foods
Note: sweetened with xylitol
Verdict: tastes good - dissolves after 40 min. chew time xlearinc.com/

Pamela's Products Pecan Shortbread Cookies
$3.99 @Whole Foods
Note: gluten free - 2 cookies = 30% daily value saturated fat
Verdict: really good! - crumbly, sweet & buttery pamelasproducts.com/

Nature's Path Organic Flax Plus Flaxseed Meal
$ @Whole Foods
Note: "natural source of lignans, omega-3 fatty acids & fibre" - perishable: can freeze to extend shelf life
Verdict: mild, nutty flavour - coarse texture - good way to add fibre to diet - put it in smoothies, porridge, muffins, bread etc. naturespath.com/

Real Foods Corn Thins: Flax & Soy
$3.69 @Whole Foods
Note: gluten free - like thin cakes of fused popcorn
Verdict: tasty! - not as salty/greasy as chips but just as addictive - great alone or with spreads - wonderful light & crispy texture (when fresh) - waaay superior to rice cakes cornthins.com/

How Sweet Organic Milk Chocolate With Quinoa Puffs
$3.99 @Whole Foods
Note: 1 bar = 58% daily value of saturated fat - gluten free
Verdict: awesome! - tastes just as good as a Kit Kat but ingredients are all natural lesssweet-chocoland.ca/

Almond Hazelnut Butter
$6.39 @Whole Foods
Note: by Nuts to You Nut Butter Inc.
Verdict: yummmmmy! - careful when you open it: oil floats on top & has to be gently stirred in cor.ca/en/21531

Jalapeno Tortilla Chips
$4.99 @ Whole Foods
Note: attractive bag design
Verdict: tastes good - mildly spicy - crumbly texture - good for dips foodshouldtastegood.com/default.asp

Olive Tortilla Chips
$4.99 @ Whole Foods
Note: "good source of dietary fiber"
Verdict: subtle flavour - can be a cracker too

Tyrrell's Natural Beetroot, Parsnip & Carrot Chips
$3.71 @Pusateri's (for tiny 40g bag)
Note: gluten free
Verdict: tastes good - not too oily/salty - light & crispy texture tyrrellspotatochips.co.uk/

Salba Krispy Rice Bars
$5.99 @Whole Foods
Note: has "natural flavour", whatever that is - sweetener is evaporated cane juice & agave nectar
Verdict: verrry sweet - tastes like traditional rice crispy treats realfoodrevolution.com/