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Rub 'n' Tug

Best Happy-Ending Parlors

Guy: I came for tomatoes and instead I get potatoes.
Attendant: It doesn't matter, cause either way you're going to making a stew.

Wanted: Model


The X Club

The X Club
What kind of people will we meet?
The nice thing about The X Club is that it attracts all kinds of different people with different backgrounds. It is very common to see lawyers, doctors, pro athletes and many others. The common denominator however, is that all who attend are respectful, friendly and very open to exploring their inner most desires. Our clientele is very well dressed and mannered. People who attend The X Club are usually in committed relationships, regardless if they are married or not. Single women like to attend the The X Club because they do not need to deal with the hassles of single men at regular downtown clubs.


How High?


Sexy? Reasonable IQ? Perfect Job...

SEEKING THE HOTTEST, SEXIEST female capable of the job
THE WORK: Im P.A. To formidable Hollywood individual
Been doing the job some years
Workload has become unmanageable so have been sanctioned to hire an aid (or girl-friday) to pick up various tasks in each of 4 cities, one being GTA during the days when here.
Have stationed for the moment in Oshawa for peace and quiet's sake so should live in Whitby or Oshawa, have a valid drivers lic., Credit card, mailing address, be a happy, agreeable, people-pleasing YES personality.
I made 70,000 doing this job last year and it pays minimum $50/hr.
The work can be as small as picking up mail and stocking a bar with ice etc... To
Organizing logistics from other suburbs and booking hotels for celebs wishing to remain incognito
The one stipulation which matters greatly is that due to the sociology of the people involved and their habits the ideal candidate should be sexually resilient and adventurous. Religious and highly moral candidates will likely be miserable and simply quit.
There is much prep/training involved re: the sociology/manners/protocols/etiquette
Includes socializing some of which you will not be specifically compensated for but there's often the best restaurants, limos etc involved. The perks are amazing
The ideal candidate should be ambitious about leaving GTA as the full-time position will be given to one of the 4 candidates by JULY of next summer and will necessitate the fulltime activity of organizing entourage schedules and traveling between NY LA TO and sometimes Miami...and a wide assortment of other tasks for which you will be prepared for by that time.
Disclaimers and confidentiality contracts will be binding.
Ideal character should enjoy serving others, be eager to sometimes do lowly tasks and have a free spirit when it comes to sexuality and other moral arenas. Should have good manners, be hygenic/presentable and have priorities. (i.e. This job supersedes the relevance of any/all others.)
This is a 'fingersnapping' position. If you're not utterly comfortable with asking "how high"? when told to jump, please refrain from applying.
Most of this job deserves no or petty financial compensation.
It's really the perfect job as long as you have the right character. You can make boatloads of money doing next-to-nothing and for a fraction of the hours you'd put in elsewhere at a conventional job
No diplomas necessary, just the right attitude character fundamental abilities and sexiness.

Compensation: $50.00 scaling up



Bubble Trouble
It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Jersey DJ

King St. West

A Toronto District Gets Creative
On weekends, King Street West between Spadina Avenue and Bathurst Street is like one long fashion runway, with its see-and-be-seen restaurants, bars and clubs. During the week, it's where a group of particularly creative local residents work, in entertainment and design, and where many live, too, in the loft-style condo developments sprouting up by the day.

Introducing: Scarpetta, the Thompson Hotel's New York Restaurant Import

Italian @ Buca

Artistic Roots

Bloor St. West location

Test Pattern dress

Motherboard skirt

Roots x Douglas Coupland: offical site

Coupland's Cool Canadiana
Artist shares his vision in new clothing line for Roots