The Other Woman

Sophia Loren_Marriage Italian-Style_1964
A film which tells the story of a successful businessman who kept a woman as his mistress for several years and now plans to marry another woman until his mistress pretends to be on her deathbed to induce him to marry her before she dies. (Wikipedia)

That Kind of Woman_Sophia Loren, Tab Hunter et. al._1959
Set during World War II, Kay is a sophisticated Italian woman, the mistress of a Manhattan millionaire industrialist known simply as The Man, who uses her to help him influence his contacts at The Pentagon. While en route from Miami to New York City by train, she and her friend Jane meet a considerably younger American paratrooper named Red and his sergeant George Kelly, and Kay and Red fall into a romantic relationship. Eventually the woman finds herself torn between her upscale life in a Sutton Place apartment and the prospect of true love with the GI. (Wikipedia)

True story: I was a mistress for 2 and a half months. It didn't last because he said his wife was getting suspicious. When I think about it now, I don't know if I believe him. Not after all the effort he put into setting me up in a place where he could feel comfortable and was convenient to get to. Either his conscience got the better of him or I turned out to be more than he could handle. I suspect both explanations may be true. I guess I'll never know for sure.

While it lasted, it was a polite, hassle-free and incredibly boring affair. He was a true gentleman, very considerate and yet utterly lacking in passion. I suppose that was my department. I tried, but it's hard to build a fire with wet kindling. He wasn't the kind of man who could rock a girl's world - more like a cruise ship plowing ahead at a steady pace than a cigarette boat tearing up the waters of Miami Beach.

I liked the financial security, though. Who wouldn't? I only had to see him 3 times per week and one of those meetings was just for lunch. Talk about cushy. When he dissolved the arrangement, he made sure I had enough to cover my rent for the rest of the year. Very generous, to say the least.

A few months later, I bumped into him. He was alone, his wife away for the weekend. They never did "work things out" and while he claimed he didn't have a mistress, he admitted to seeing escorts while on business trips. I wonder now if perhaps while we were together, the guilt was getting to him. He was always nervous he might get caught. In another country, there was practically no way she'd ever find out. For some guys, it doesn't count as cheating if they do it across a border.

I bring this up now because of the kerfuffle over the DABA (Dating a Banker Anonymous) women and a recent Good Morning America piece about an 18-year-old "Sugar Baby". Some people are claiming the DABA website is a hoax. After reading a couple of their posts, I don't think so. For me, some of the language, scenarios and attitudes ring true. I was never such a brat with "The Man", but I can see how a woman in that type of situation could have her head lodged so far up her ass she can't see what's really going on around her, vis-a-vis the world's financial crisis and why he can no longer pamper her the way he used to. It's a very isolating environment. Even if she's "allowed" to have a separate life (friends, job, school etc.), he's still the focus of her world. His needs come first. Always.

In actual fact, they probably never discuss what's going on in the world. She's his toy or pet, there to entertain him and make him feel like a star. The last thing he wants to talk about is falling stock prices and skyrocketing unemployment rates. A good little mistress flirts, fucks and never contradicts.
And when he says "Jump.", she does so eagerly. Preferably in the heels and garters he bought for her.

God, You Are So 24!
Sugar Daddies

Drawn Money
James Cauty

This Just in...

I can't believe I bought this 1990 version of Cinderella. Now I have to watch it again to snark at all that Hollywood bullshit.

Ladies, if you wear this, you're ready for the pole.

Don Cherry, co-host of Hockey Night in Canada, known for his loudmouth opinions & even louder jackets.

How badly do you want people to laugh at you?


What Recession?

The Avelle Collection

Hello Kitty Diamond Pendant Necklace

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*It's not bad to covet luxury items, but during a recession, you'd think people would forego them. We need to get a clue as to who's REALLY in a recession and who isn't. [ADDENDUM: You can "rent" the necklace for $100/week and return it when you want. Still, would you? If you're cutting back on expenses? I say if you do, you forfeit the right to complain about "tough times".]

The City

That dress is MINE (in black).

The skirt makes me drool with envy. Damn you, Whitney!

Shh! She's thinking...

One more bangle, ok dahhhlink?

Yes, good girls CAN wear pleather.

Aww...she's so in luv with whatshisname.

Sorry, Jay - they couldn't find a fuglier jacket if they tried.

Erin looks like a Suzy. Yeah, call her Suzy!

You know she's the funnest one here, right?

Betcha Olivia's jacket cost more than the photo shoot.

No one plays a snotty hottie better than this girl.

Adam's practicing peeler moves for when the show's over.

Sweet jeebus, Allie's upper arm's the same size as her forearm.

She'll morph into the bad girl, wait & see.

Ok. I admit it. I'm hooked on The City.

MTV - you got me. Happy now?

I resisted Laguna Beach and The Hills because it was so damn easy. What the hell do I have in common with Heidi - fucking - Montag? Or Lauren Conrad? And where else, save California or Miami, can you go to that many pool parties?

The City's different. It's relatable. And the cast is hot, slick, glam and chic.

Olivia's got pedigree - she brings credibility to the show. Who doesn't want to bang Adam? Erin's fun and Whitney's sweet but naive.

In fact, Whitney's the girl most likely to get crushed by The Big Bad City, but this being a show, she'll rise above the garbage-strewn streets like the pretty Cali angel she is (snort!).

What to say about Jay? He's cute, his music sucks, and they're not giving him much to do. He's supportive, that's it. No one breaks Whitney's heart because she's too damn good! He'll trip up somewhere down the line cause he's a dude, but he'll make a swift recovery so that Whit Whit doesn't ruin her makeup bawling her eyes out. No one wants to see that!

As for Allie, I'm afraid she's doomed to play the bad girl. With her intriguing look and dour facial expressions, it's only a matter of time before she makes a play for Jay, gets caught by Airy Fairy Whitney and then banished to Evil Girl exile forever.

Unless... Little Miss Allie gets a contract with Max Factor. Then MTV might have to create another spin-off, follow her around the globe on exotic photo shoots and eavesdrop as she hob-knobs with Karl, Anna and Carine.

Wait a minute, am I onto something???


Call me!

You sick bastards.

The City official site

SeenON! MTV Store - The City
Check out these bargains:
*Kenneth Jay Lane Bib Necklace ($250)
*Christian Louboutin Platform Pumps ($700)
*Diane von Furstenberg Nelly Dress ($725)
*Gucci 'Hysteria' Large Top Handle Tote ($1, 395)
TOTAL: $3, 070

Jay + Buddy = Tamarama
Olivia vs Blair: The LA Times Treatise

World's Worst Makeover
Stone Cold Cougar
Red Carpet Fashion
Party Fashion


I Confess

girlfriends_T Power_flickr.com

*I was always so anti-social and never made friends until it just clicked and I was ready for it. (And I don't drink, so bars were not going to happen.) I would just say that you can't force it. And have confidence that you are awesome enough for people to want to hang out with you.

*I lived for two summers in a tiny town where I didn't know anyone-- of course I joined the nuthouse church, stocked with single hot boyz, and kept my mouth shut. I had so much fun laughing on the inside every time they trashed left-wing liberals while sitting in the church playing Texas Hold 'Em. Especially when I won.
All this leads me to say... pick something way outside of your comfort zone to do! I won't say I made lifelong friends, but I definitely learned a lot about "Real America" and myself.

*I would like to point out that once I actually did eat pop tarts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I broke out in hives all over my body. True story.

*The only thing that gets me cracking is fear. Which means I usually start my assignments on the eleventh hour. I have two papers to hand in on Monday and I haven't even looked at the texts yet. Oops.

*I know the feeling - I got dumped 2 weeks ago and have been drinking alone more than I want to think about as a result. I think I'm going to go see an old fuck buddy of mine and get drunk and have dirty dirty sex and most likely cry later. I'm so sorry. I hope things get better for you...and your cat.

*My current issue is that I eloped recently and no one knows. I dropped the announcements, which I labored over, in the mailbox on Friday and I am awaiting the sh*tstorm. Has anyone else eloped?
>@__:That was a concern that didn't come to me until after I dropped the annoncements off, I was like...maybe people wont even believe its for real :) We decided to elope because both sides of the fam were going NUTS over wedding stuff and it was gettin ugly. Thats also why we decided not to call and tell anyone so that no one can get pissy about who got called first and when and BLAH BLAH BLAH...everyone is going to be on the same page. But I am happier than ever, thanks everyone for the congrats!
>@__:Thanks! It actually felt pretty badass when we were doing it, particularly because we got married on top of a mountain in Nevada at sunset and we had to take a Hummer (bad for environment but fun to ride in) up some pretty rough terrain to get there, so it felt like a super covert mission...super fun :)
>@__:I agree about a wedding being a celebration of the joining of two families, but our families were non-cooperative to say the least. When my husband's father told us that if we got married at the local botanical gardens (which was my dream) and not in the synagogue, that our marriage would be cursed by God, I had to tap out.


*So I have a crush on the new guy at work. It started when him and I got to talking about movies and he told me he was excited for the movie The Road, the adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel. So we got to talking about McCarthy and I asked him if he had read Blood Meridian. And he had. And I proceeded to get, as I have seen Jezzies saying lately, a ladyboner.
However, I don't think I could ask him out because: 1) My coworkers act like nosy-ass fucking high school kids, and if they ever saw that I had a crush on him they would like nothing better than to fuck it up for me and 2) I have zero confidence, and 3) I am hella afraid of being rejected. And I think I have been a little bit too giggly and smitten with him (I can't help it!) because one asshole coworker made a point to make rude remarks about my weight and clothes in front of him. Gah.
What should I do?
>@__:1. Punch your co-worker in the face.
2. Ask him out.
Um... I work at home so my advice is probably no good, but that's what I would do. Totally.
>@__:Yeah, I think I should just wait. I don't wanna jump the gun and make a fool of myself. He is so sweet and cool though! I hope that he doesn't pull some dick move that completely shatters my image of him while I wait it out...
@__:Ha! I SO would if I could. I don't understand people who are malicious like that for no reason.
>@__:Wait until one of you leaves the job. I know it sounds like a non-solution, but in that environment it's not going to work and the petty bastards will do everything to sabotage you guys and have fun doing it.
In the meantime become good friends.
Also? Don't ignore the bastards. Make them hurt. Keep a log of all the petty bullshit they do, and work policies they break. Even the little shit no one cares about. Comments like that warrant a trip to HR. Stand them down. After the last job I left I realized too late I had more power than I realized.
But if they're malicious? Throw it passive-aggressively back at them. Just whatever you do, don't just sit there and take it.

*Confession: More than once I've been tempted to tell the kiddos that I teach, that half the shit they are struggling to learn, they will never use anyway.
>@__:I've had teachers tell me that, and it actually made me like the class more. "You won't use it, but you may, and you need to know it to move on, so let's suck it up together and learn US History (again)."
>@__:Word I am a teacher too and I know your sentiments exactly. Also, I feel like sometimes I want to yell... "YOU NEED TO LEARN TO BE A CRITICAL READER-this isn't just about Piggy and his glasses, it's about social order/disorder! Think about this in our world, ask educated questions to our leaders, look for hidden meaning!"
End Rant.

*I want a boyfriend. :( How do I get one?
>@__: Try teh internetz. Post a pic (head & body) and be honest with who you are and what you want. When men start writing to you, you're going to start to separate them into 2 categories: ones to pass the time with, and ones to build a relationship with.
The silly dumb immature ones will sate you until you can form a friendship with the good ones.
Flirt and have fun with the first group; they are there to stroke your ego. I think you can generally tell who's serious and who's just dicking around online. Flirt and have fun but also focus more on being friends first with the guys from the second group. No phone/im/email/real sex with the second group for a while. Write letters and learn about each other and your interests. That way you have a better chance of building something of the heart. Then have all the crazy (but protected and std-tested) sex you want.
But listen.
Don't discount anyone based on age, ethnicity or location, and these are more guidelines than rules (because who says you can't find love from a silly dumb immature guy? Isn't that just the definition of a man? :) ) Rules are crap, do what feels right for you.
Good luck!
>@__: They're not that great. Get a pet. (Am a bit jaded.)

*No one here knows who I am, really, but I am going to post this anyway and see what y'all think.
I signed up for OkCupid and I "met" this one guy. I am nervous to meet him, but I think it's just the fact that I "met" him online. Should I do it? If I try to be reasonable about it (i.e., meet him in a public place)? Has anyone done this and lived to tell the tale? Ha.
>@__: Give it a try. I've been on numerous internet dates and some have been great, some less so. Still worth a try. Everyone acts like it's creepy to meet people from the internet but I don't see the difference between that and a bar.
But do meet him first in a public place. I've had ones ask me to go over to their apt, redddd flag.
>@__: Why not? Just be safe. I'm at the date 6ish point with a match.com guy, I have a friend who married a guy from match, and another who has been with his okc girlfriend for a year and a half.
Worst thing is that you lose the cost of dinner and get a practice date so you'll be less nervous next time.
>@__: Do it. Same amount of risk as any other form of dating. Really.
>@__: My friend tried internet dating and we always went on a double-date when it was her first time meeting someone. If she felt comfortable enough we would split up halfway through. Maybe one of your friends could do the same?
>@__: I have recently started the whole OkCupid thing, and have almost gone out with one guy, but decided he just creeped me out too much so I didn't end up doing anything with him. I started talking with another guy who I did go out with, had a great time and still talk to and have made plans to go out with again. While I don't think anything serious will happen, I don't really think he's my type, I enjoyed his company.
So I guess what I am saying is go with your gut. If you feel like it isn't right, don't do it.
>@__: I've dated online a lot. I met my most recent ex on OkCupid. We dated almost 2 years. Before the first online date I make sure I know their first and last name and that we've talked on the phone so I have a phone number for them. I then give that information, along with where we're meeting, to my best friend and arrange to call her to check in by 11 pm. I also leave all information about the guy (including their online name) written out on my kitchen table. It may sound paranoid, but it makes me feel safer and no one has ever kidnapped me and killed me, so I figure it's ok:-)
>@__: I've never heard of OKCupid, but I did Match for a while and met up with quite a few people I "met" there...for varying levels of success but always safe. And other friends have had quite a bit of luck on Eharmony, I think the bottom line is go for it as long as you meet in a safe place (Starbucks, restaurant etc) its really not that different from a blind date.
Bit of an aside, one guy I dated for a bit from Match.com, I ended up interviewing with several years later for a job. I had totally blown him off and when I saw him walking towards me for the interview I totally buckled. My friend works there, and he claims he doesn't remember me, but it was definitely "omg, i must leave this city" moment.

*Although I refer to Mr__ as my husband due to a hatred of the word "fiancee", we are not technically married until a week from today. I just learned from my mother that my evil stepsister is attempting to make my wedding all about her --just like everything else in life has to be- and am not sure how to stop it since my stepfather is indulging her selfishness. Mr__ says to just let her be a bitch because it only makes her look bad, but I've been ignoring her hurtful behavior my entire life. She made my life hell in high school, spread horribly untrue rumors about me, posted intimate details of my life online using my full name and highly identifiable information, etc. etc. I want to finally put a stop to her antics, but don't know how to without alienating my stepfather, who I love. Should I just let it go, or should I stand up for my wedding day?
>@__: This is a bit of Dr. Laura-style advice and I hate to say it, but your relationship with your stepfather already sucks if he has allowed her behavior to go on this long and he's backing her in her plan to screw you over on your wedding day.
What I suggest is that you let her bring this dope she intends to bring (who knows if he'll come--after all he just met her and she wants to invite him to an intimate family wedding????) and don't say anything about it. Caterers have to deal with the occasional extra plate and if you have to pay to keep her in line, then do.
Smile and remember that your love for your hubby is what matters--channel Michelle and Barack for the day--then never, ever let her or your stepfather get away with this shit again. EVER. EITHER ONE OF THEM.
Tell your stepfather that you love him, but you won't put up with his enabling this horrible creature that he birthed ever again. Enumerate the issues and problems for his benefit. This might be a good talk to have with your mom present. And then tell him that you will no longer participate in this game she plays and in which he helps her. And don't.
Frankly she sounds like she has major mental health issues and needs help which she will not get until life stops working for her. Her father is not helping her at all and he is the one ruining his relationship with you.

*My Best Friend has sort of dropped off the face of the world. A year and a half ago her Mum died and she took some time away from us to sort herself out, but since she told us she was getting back in contact, she has ignored text messages, phone calls and emails. She deleted only her closest friends from her facebook (but left some of our mutual friends on there). It has become so hard to get in contact with her that her other best friend had to phone her at work to get her to even answer. I'm getting sick of it, but still want her around (she was basically my first ever female friend). Any advice for me oh wise Jezebels??
>@__: You could send her a letter via snail mail letting her know that you miss her. That way at least she knows and you won't have the awkwardness of waiting for an email back right away.
>@__: I'd say it sounds as though she is still grieving and not yet ready to get back in touch. I like __'s advice. Send her a card or a note now and then to let her know that you're thinking of her, with no expectation of reply, if you want to let her know you're open to contact when she's ready. Because it won't happen until she's ready.
>@__: Give her time. My mom died a little less than a year and a half ago, and I can tell you it really, really fucks your world up. She probably isn't ready to be back in the swing of things. So just send her something to remind her of you...maybe an inside joke or something, and let her know you're there when she's ready, but don't push.

*So my husband is studying to be a pilot, just did his first solo and is loving it. It scares the crap out of me but I feel like I have to put on a cheery face and be super supportive (duh), but inside I'm like ahhhhhh. Hopefully once I can go up with him it'll be easier.
/he's doing a fabulous job btw and is really, really good apparently!
>@__: Oh God, I can't imagine. I can't stand it when husband HAS to fly a couple of times a year! That said, pilots amaze me. I am terrified of flying and once had a really bad flight (the kind where everyone applauds when you land) and I will NEVER forget the pilot's name: Captain Greg Miracle!
>@__: Yay for your husband! Hang in there, I know how it is to worry. My boyfriend is a firefighter so I frequently have nights of nail-biting and pacing. But I don't think I want to go with him on a fire, so I can't tell you if it'll be easier after you experience it with him.
>@__: Is he studying to be a pilot for fun, or does he want to make a career out of it? If he wants to make a career out of it I wish you good luck, it's a hard career. The money that used to be there isn't any more and the training is a large investment. Also you're going to spend a lot of time apart. If he loves it though, I mean really loves it, then he'll never be happy doing anything else!
It does get easier to be less worried about the flying, especially when you see how much safety rig-a-ma-role they go through every flight. My friends and family worried about me a lot at first, now they only worry when they hear there's been a crash.
>@__: Are you a pilot? :)
>@__: Flight Attendant. I spend a lot of time with a lot of pilots, although not romantically any longer (the thrill wears off after a few!). I fly at a smaller carrier, so most of the guys and gals I fly with are just starting out on their careers. I've seen how much time and money they have put in and how little they are getting in return. It's sad, but doesn't stop them from flying! It really does get in your blood.

*Does anybody ever get the compulsive urge to listen to the same song over and over again? I get this frequently, and its not just new music. For instance, this week I compulsively listened to "Back in Black" for half the week and "Black Balloon" the other half. I'm pretty sure my neighbors are sick of Johnny Rzeznik's anthem about his heroin addicted wife by now.
>@__: All. The. Time.

*True confession: I've only shoplifted once in my life. The item that I shoplifted was a box of Pop Tarts.
They were frosted, of course. Why anyone would ever eat, let alone shoplift, the non-frosted kind, I have no fucking idea.

*I know this is super high schoolesque, but it's really pissing me off...
i've been interning at this foundation thing for about 4-5 months now. We only have three guys work in the office full time..but i'd really, really like a full time job there.
we just had a huge inauguration gala thing which we brought extra interns for. They brought in this one girl who is probs like 19 for two weeks full time.
She went and told one of my bosses that I had a major crush on him (it should be noted here that i do have a very, very serious boyfriend, but try not to talk about him in the office too much because I don't like my personal and professional lives mixing). She then went on to tell another intern that my supervisor is "making fun of me everytime he talks to me".
She's gone now so it's too late to say anything to her, but do I need to do damage control so at least my boss knows I don't look at him that way?
uuuugh why can't everyone be jezzies?
>@__: It seems like the kind of thing to just nip in the bud. If it was me, I would say something along the lines of, "I am not sure where she got the idea, but I understand that X told you I have a crush on you. I just wanted to let you know that it's not true, because I don't want our professional relationship to be awkward because of some kind of miscommunication."
Then she doesn't look like the bitch that it sounds like she is, either, which makes you look even better!
>@__: That's an HR sitch for sure. She needs an official notice that that's not appropriate behavior, as well as to have it in her file that she's a bit of a jerk. You need to have it in your file that you handled a difficult situation through the appropriate and official channels.

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What's bottom guy doing with his legs???

I can do this :)

"lulu butts drive me nuts!!!!!!" says one horny commenter [pics:images.google.com]

Bought a copy of Canadian Business the other day. The headline, Top 100 Richest Canadians caught my eye. With everything that's going on, I wanted to know who the big players are in the economy. Who's really got a say in how the show's run?

Amongst the billionaire and millionaire George Costanza-lookalikes, one guy in particular stood out: Chip Wilson. His name evokes the image of an ex-football player, which isn't far off the mark: He's tall, broad-shouldered and used to be an avid snowboarder. In his magazine picture, he appears to be in fine athletic shape, looming above the cameraman wearing a form-fitting, long-sleeve blue shirt with the clear blue sky in the background. You can check him out in the Interview with Chip Wilson link below. (Aside: the guy doing the interview - TommyDouglas - is a real cutie!)

I was going to post about Chip Wilson under the tag "crushes" but he's 53, married and has 5 boys, so it didn't feel right. Instead I've disguised my attraction to tall, successful men with an ode to Canadian achievement.

Now, since the list was published in Nov.08, lululemon's stock has nosedived. Chip was actually a billionaire for a short while but poor stock performance got him disinvited from that club. I've faith the company will rally back, though. The lululemon line of yogawear's a good quality product and I don't believe yoga (or pilates) will be given up easily by body-conscious urbanites. I, myself, own a few of their pants, shorts and sports bras and they've stood the test of time (well, the shorts are a bit nubbly). A couple years ago, I took some yoga classes in my cute gear but all that stretching and balancing didn't give me a complete workout. I'm still pissed at the gym for making me pay for 10 months of unused membership. My feeling was, if I don't want something, why should I have to pay for it? I was told by the manager my account would go to a collection agency if I refused to pay, so rather than deal with those pit bulls, I let them rape me, financially speaking. Effin' pirates.

Anyway, rant aside, I present to you what I think is a balanced portrait of Chip Wilson and his company, lululemon athletica:

Company History
After 20 years in the surf, skate and snowboard business, founder Chip Wilson took the first commercial yoga class offered in Vancouver and found the result exhilarating.

How lululemon Came Into Being: A Gross Generalization by Chip Wilson
In 1997 or so, yoga emerged as an activity that was both accessible and non-competitive for its participants. It showed up at a time when women recognized the benefits of decompressing and living in the moment. Yoga provided the same great feeling as snowboarding or surfing but could be done in an hour and a half and close to home.

The Lululemon Love Affair
What makes Lululemon different, though, is what Chip Wilson calls its “culture.” Wilson and Lululemon have created a lulu-lifestyle: a manifesto born from a group of yogis, dancers, runners and regular consumers who follow the brand like a religion.

Interview with Chip Wilson
His latest event, Chip's Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile, a fundraiser that took place on June 20, 2008 - was a wild run/parade up a 10th ave hill. All donations were matched dollar for dollar by Chip - providing the BC Children's Hospital Foundation with some amazing support!

Yoga Mogul Has Critics in a Knot
"I can't answer for the man, he's misunderstood in his own way."

The Seedy Underside of Lululemon
Chip Wilson credits his success to The Landmark Forum, an intensive international 3 1/2-day training seminar. The program has garnered widespread criticism for what some see as its boot-camp techniques, hard-sell recruitment tactics, heavy reliance on free labour, secretive nature and its links to Werner Erhard, a former Scientologist who developed the methodology.

The Butt That Just Won't Quit
The New York Times recently revealed in laboratory testing that Lululemon’s VitaSea fabric, used in its popular yoga pants and apparel, does not, in fact, release special marine amino acids and help your skin.

Hidden Message on lululemon Bag
Choose the moment, be creative and be successful. You only have 30,000 days to live and then you are dead.

Limited Edition Remix Lululemon Hoodies
This limited edition Lululemon hoodie that I found today takes the cake for being the ugliest hoodie I have ever seen in my entire life.

Lululemon Stock Plunges
Yoga wear retailer Lululemon Athletica Inc. has dramatically reduced expectations for the holiday quarter and next year, blaming the recessionary economy and weaker Canadian dollar.
The news caused the Vancouver-based company's volatile stock to tumble more than 30 per cent or $4.35 to close at $8.80 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Thursday after trading as low as $8.62.
One analyst described the stock as "dead money" in the near term.

The Canadian 2008-09 Rich 100
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Ad Porn

Shave that thing!

"Confession: I worked at an AA for 2 years, and hated it obvs. But AA has been using porn stars as models for years. They've just never been naked in the ads before. Almost naked yes. Also, that woman who conceived the ads, is kind of a bitch, and it is not surprising that she would come up with something like this. That whole company is just a bunch of LA/Montreal hedonistic hipsters who spend way too much time brainwashing each other into thinking that they are super cutting edge, creative and important. They are a joke, and anyone who has worked with them knows it." -QuinnButes

It was just a matter of time...

David Bowie
We Did Not Hate You
What's in Your Supplements?


Flakes, Maniacs & Psychos

I've been doing this "job" for about 3 years now. I've worked for several agencies, and became an independent in August, 2007. You can say I've met my fair share of men - probably more than would be expected of most women during their lifetime. Whatevs. I've more or less made my peace with the fact that this is what I do for a living. I - by no stretch of the imagination - regard it as a career, calling or special talent. I don't feel shame about it, nor am I flattered by it. I just get through it, that's all. And a good day for me, is a day when I feel nothing about it at all.

Having said that, I've come to know over the years three distinct types of clients: Flakes, Maniacs and Psychos. Their appearance in my life has been frequent enough to be worthy of note.

These guys bug me the most. They call me, off-the-cuff, as if all of a sudden they crave pussy - like it's pizza or something - and decide it might be fun to place an order. Their manner is waaay too casual. Seriously, they're better off ordering the damn pizza, hanging out in their underwear & smoking weed.
A typical call from a flake goes like this:

Me: Hello?
Flake: Hello.
(Dead air....)

Oh c'mon! This guy's waiting for me to take the lead, yet he's the one who made the call. He who hesitates gets nothing. I don't book calls with guys like this anymore - they're a waste of time. I've had flakes book a call and then fail to show up, not even bothering to call or text their cancellation. How rude. I recall one guy who booked with me twice, then cancelled twice, moments before his appointment, offering me no explanation or excuse. Third time was the charm only because he was sincerely apologetic over the phone. Yes, phone manners do count for something.

I get the distinct impression from flakes that they think they're doing me a favour by calling me, as if to say: Of all the pussy at my disposal, I choose YOURS. Show me what you got! What makes you so special? Why should I give my money to YOU?
Being the professional that I am, I don't tell them what I'm thinking, which is to fuck off. Instead, I just tell them I'm unavailable. No way in hell would a guy like that have a good time with me. Not with that kind of attitude.

A maniac is defined in the dictionary as "a person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire for something". It also refers to "an insane person". I find this rather telling about how our culture regards anyone who cares - what we deem as - a little too much about anything. Conversely, someone who's cool, is either "marked by calm self-control", or "marked by indifference, disdain or dislike". Isn't that interesting? Everyone wants to be cool - no one wants to be a maniac.

For me, a client who's a maniac has an enormous amount of energy - more than the average guy. He's got this restlessness that propels him through life as if he's being chased by demons. He's the guy who goes bungee jumping, takes flying lessons and travels all over the globe just for the hell of it. This guy can't sit still.
Needless to say, he's a rare breed, and of the three, he's the only type of client I actually enjoy being with. He usually has tons of interesting stories and with him, there's never a dull moment. I'd gladly ditch my life here to follow him on one of his escapades, if only I could be absolutely sure it wouldn't get me killed. I can't fool myself, though. More than a weekend with a guy like this would be exhausting.

The worst kind of guy to get a call from. Avoid, avoid, avoid. There's a subdued nature about them - like a sinister undercurrent - that's bone-chilling. These guys set my creep radar on high alert and they're not the kind of guy I want to mess with, money be damned.

One of the disadvantages of working with an agency is that they frequently send you out on sketchy calls. I met one guy this way, who sent me running in the opposite direction. Bad vibes got me the hell outta there. I told him I felt nauseous - food poisoning or something. I blacklisted him so that when he called again, no one was sent to him. That's right. These guys should be denied access, even if they're willing to pay. There's something not right about them, and in all probability, they're downright dangerous. With a guy like that, any woman who lets down her guard , does so at her own peril. Believe you me, I've heard the stories.

Is it any wonder so many women in this business get strung out by one form of addiction or another? I'm the anomaly: I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I watch what I eat and I try to work out every day. I'll be damned if I'm going to let this business get the better of me, even though many an instant I wish I'd something to tide me over a particularly trying episode.

Men who pay for it tend to regard the service provider as nothing more than a series of orifices. They tend to feel entitled to her body, mind, time and energy. They tend to not understand when she's not comfortable doing certain things. But I paid for it appears to be their attitude, as if this gives them the right to take control of her decision-making faculty, to manipulate her into saying yes when she really means no.

I don't let the men - or the money - dictate how I do things. I've had to learn through trial and error that I've nothing to gain - but everything to lose - by not holding my ground. I've become strong-willed over the years, but not hard. And now I can yield to certain requests, without compromising myself.

Yes, it's possible to give in to some things, without giving up everything.

On the Brink

You never allow a crisis to go to waste...this is a moment of peril, but also a moment of possibility.

Rahm Emanuel was on Charlie Rose last night.
Watching him, it occurred to me I was witnessing a man on the brink of a defining moment in his career: after Tuesday's inauguration, his life will never be the same.
Perhaps, on Jan. 17, 2010, I'll revisit this post to recall the feeling I feel today, looking at him now, wondering what's to become of him and the country he serves.
Rahm Israel Emanuel


Model Imperfect

Donyale Luna_c.196~_jezebel.com

"Depersonalization and isolation can be the result of a life spent working with an ever-changing cast of characters, in strange corners of the globe.
I feel like I know what (model) Tracey Weed is talking about when she says modeling does not generally teach what is good for you, what any human being needs to learn: I feel like I’m always meeting girls who maybe should be in school, but who are therefore smart enough to realize they exist in an economic system more willing to monetize their looks than their brains.
Modeling is what you know. It’s not easy, but it’s easy enough. It’s easier. It’s familiar, and there are promoters and parties and nice clothes, there are good drugs, and exotic travels.
The industry, with its everextending futureless present, can have a certain way of corroding initiative and drive. Everyone has their hobbies, and some (drawing comics, writing on the Internet) are maybe healthier than others (cocaine, musicians) but the longer you stay in the funhouse-mirror world, the less even those things seem like the real you.
Sometimes it’s as if every moderately successful girl I meet, to the extent that she thinks of a future at all, thinks in vague terms of becoming a stylist, or working at a store, or marrying someone wealthy. Or putting out an album. Or designing clothing line. Sometimes I catch myself thinking of writing a book in those same, bone idle terms. I think we all know, deep down, that just like (nightclub owner) Guy Cuevas said, first comes the fun, and then the sad.
Nobody leaves this easy industry too easily."

Death in Paris: Suicide and Abuse in Fashion's Top Echelon



(Jan. 1 - 7/09)
In 2009, you'll receive a lot of help, some unexpected, whenever you phase out your trivial desires so you can better pursue your truly important desires. The coming months will also be an excellent time to shed unrealistic fantasies so you can be freer to concentrate on the
realistic kind. While these are not quite once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, Virgo, they may be the once-in-a-decade variety. Why not draw up a plan for how you can take maximum advantage of the specific luck that will be flowing your way?

By "luck", I hope Rob Brezsny's referring to an increase in my cash flow. As for "draw up a plan"...dude, that sounds like way too much work, but thanks for the optimism!

Astrological Symbols


Damn Fool.

holt's cafe_Holt Renfrew

holt's cafe

Baby bok choy & mushrooms

Saturday afternoon, I met Mr. X for lunch at holt's cafe. A sparkly, modern space, I couldn't resist snapping a few pics. Mr. X, however, was the opposite of sparkly. His personality's drier than toast, so I really had to work to keep the conversation going. Sigh. I can see why the man's still single. Seriously, how can a guy make it to the advanced age of 40-something and not know how to conduct a simple, casual conversation? It's really not that hard.

A few hours later, he texted me about how he had a good time and I made him laugh. Well, duh. Someone had to save the encounter from awkward silence no-man's-land. In all honesty, I've never met anyone as socially stunted as he is.

After texting back and forth over the weekend, Mr. X asked me yesterday if he could come see me. I said, Sure...what time? He said, Next Thursday, 22nd.
I thought to myself, You've got to be kidding me.

To clarify, this guy's been in near constant contact with me for about 2 and a half weeks. He's made all kinds of claims about how he's going to "make my dreams come true", given me numerous gifts, and basically, come on hotter and heavier than any other client I've ever had. So why wait 10 days to see me again? Is he not he trying to build up some kind of momentum here? What's with the delay?

I texted him back, Ok...:) Are you going to be away until the 22nd? His answer was, No. But if I want to do dinner or get sexually frustrated we can see each other before then.


Has this guy been trying to play me all along? Was it ever his intention to become a regular client? Or has he been trying to "charm" his way into dating me? Either way, major fail on his part. There was never any chance of me dating him, and now, any leeway he may've earned as a client has been lost.

In other words, if he texts me between now and next Thursday, it'll take me hours to get back to him.
And, if we meet next Thursday for an "intimate encounter", I'll make sure he's out the door the moment his time's up.

Damn fool.

At this point, I'm wondering if the money's worth having to deal with this jackass any longer.

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Beat Me

Illustration by Eric Stanton

Dr Channard
50s Erotic Art

Think it's easy being a dominatrix?

Very few professional dominants have sex with their clients, which is what attracts some women to this particular field of work. Doing domination allows women to reap the financial rewards of sex work without running the usual risks, e.g., STIs and arrest. (Pay the "nice" lady to beat you off? Totally illegal. Pay the "mean" lady to beat you? Totally legal.) Doing professional domination does, however, require more of an investment up front - the gear is expensive, expertise takes time to acquire (fucking is easy, flogging is hard), and a sub paying $500 an hour is going to want to be dominated in a tricked-out dungeon, not a studio apartment with a futon on the floor. -Dan Savage


I thought all it took was a pair of thigh-high stiletto boots, smacking some schlub's ass with a ping pong paddle and yelling: You suck!


Is He a Psycho?

As it turns out, Mr. X hasn't left the building.

He appears to be mildly obsessed with me, which for now, scares me just a little.

It's the money, people. It's all about the money.

Under any other circumstance, a guy like this couldn't get close enough to count my nose hairs.

But this guy's rich. And willing to spend - or so he's leading me to believe.

In actual fact, so far, he's only paid for 2 hours of my time.

The gifts, however, keep coming. And endless number of texts: he's fucking married to his Blackberry.

Yesterday, he actually had the gall to show up to my building unannounced.

Thank god I've got a good screening system which necessitates me having to meet him in the lobby so I can escort him up to my place.

At this point, he's displaying highly unorthodox behaviour for someone I've met only twice, and a level of familiarity that's borderline uncomfortable.

Have I mentioned he lives in my neighbourhood? Takes him 15 minutes to walk to my place.

Yes, this could get ugly.

But luckily, I'm not an idiot, greedy, or desperate.

And I don't put up with crap from anyone.

If he creeps me out any further - and chances are he will - I'll have to tell him in no uncertain terms that it just won't work out between us.

On the other hand...there's a slight possibility I may be able to ride this cash cow to higher ground.

Oh - what? Does that sound cold?

Well, that's the nature of the business.

Somehow, these guys forget that everything they get from a working girl is bought and paid for and that the money is the sole reason she's around.

Yes, rarely, genuine friendships/relationships based on mutual caring and understanding arise out of situations like this.

But it's not the norm.

Most of the time, the hired companion's just watching the damn clock. Or thinking about what she'll have for dinner while he's going down on her. Or wondering what the hell she did in life to deserve being groped by a man with zero charm and halitosis so bad it could peel paint.

Speaking of halitosis, Mr. X could use an Altoid or two.

And speaking of Mr. X, he keeps referring to the movie Pretty Woman and saying to me: "Dreams can come true."

Unfortunately, I think to myself, they're his dreams, not mine.


Look what comes up when you search 'psycho' and 'Hitchcock' on flickr: Kick Ass Jack-O-Lanterns!

Dawn of the Dead

Of the Corn




Happy New Year!

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