Fave Pics


How are you?

Are you hanging in there?

Or are you freaking out?

How are you dealing with the recent turn of events?

As the global economy purges itself, I choose to look at pretty pictures.

Want to join me?

Enough with the doom & gloom, already.

I know things aren't what they used to be & that major change is imminent, but moment-by-moment, I don't stress over it.

Why should the quality of my life be compromised by the unconscionable acts of a few?

Yes, I depend on others for my survival, & when they do well, I do well. But while systems combust, I remain who I am. I continue to function the way I always have & the only way I know how.

Consider this: Corruption isn't contagious. You can't catch it like a cold & as long as you live an honourable life, you remain untouched by the desperation of others.

At least, this is what I tell myself to keep my heart from racing a million miles a minute every time I tune in to the media.

Truth is, I'm scared.

We all are.

No one knows what's coming next.

So in the meantime, while I still have a computer & a roof over my head, I'll look at my pretty pictures.

Again, you're welcome to stay.