Hello, It's Me!

Mexican street art

I'm missdelite & I'll be your host for as long as you'll have me, or at least until I get tired of this blogging thing. Yes, this is blog #5! What's going on, you may ask? Heck if I know! All I know is it started with a bunch of pics gathering dust on my computer & now this. I've got too much free time, that's what it is. Or TV sucks right now - how about that?

Anywhoo, this blog will be about me & my Toronto, just like the title says. Not all of me or this ginormous town, just snippets here & there of what makes us hum, buzz, twitter & twitch. I've been using my camera phone so please excuse the quality of my pics for the next little while. Actually, some of them aren't half bad, considering.

In case you're wondering, I was born & raised in Toronto & my background is Guyana, South America. I'm made up of 5 different ethnicities: Chinese (1 quarter), Portuguese, African, East Indian & Amerindian. Quite exotic! But very much typical of the Carribean region, for even though Guyana is in S.America (& its only English-speaking country), the culture is more like Barbados than Venezuela.

What else can I tell you about me without giving too much away? Well, I went to Oakwood Collegiate Institute high school & did 2 years at the University of Toronto. There, I took science as part of the pre-med program which was a huge mistake because my strengths in high school were art & English. I gotta tell you, university was hard! I left it behind very much disappointed with the experience & myself but that's neither here nor there anymore. Let's just say it was a heck of a lesson to learn, something along the lines of "Don't let anyone tell you what to do with your life" etc. etc.

Took many years of dance lessons as a kid (ballet, gymnastics, jazz & modern) & played violin & then viola for about 9 years in various school orchestras. It was there I developed an appreciation for classical music. And yes, I LOVE music! (Sorry, I'm not shouting at you but I don't know how to do italics.)

My father played the radio all day long every day when I was growing up & he also exposed me & my brother to the classic songs of his & his parent's generation, hence my reason for creating Miss Delite 3 (Life is Music). I simply feel there's so much great stuff out there that needs to be in one place in order to fully appreciate it. I'm still stuck in the 60s & 70s over at MD3 because those decades are rich rich rich with many of my favourites. I fully intend to make my way through to the 90s & hopefully beyond that but to be perfectly honest, it's a rare event when I hear a great song these days. That may have to do with the fact that the only time I listen to the radio is when I'm in a cab & then it's just non-stop ads sprinkled with Disney-esque/American Idol-ish/Hip Hop-horrific crap.

Miss Delite 2 (What Up Bitches?) is the polar opposite of Miss Delite (Do It With Style), my original blog. From MD I'm sure it's evident by now that I love nice things & even though I can't afford most of what I feature over there, I can still appreciate quality, creative flare & great style. However, let's face it, there's a flip side to the perfect world represented on MD that's at times hilarious & sometimes downright awful. There's really no use pretending it doesn't exist so why not shine a spotlight on this tarnished world we live in & have a good laugh at it or at least, a very hearty groan.

As for Miss Delite 4 (Now You Know), well, I've been collecting clippings of interesting articles on every topic under the sun for about 4 years now. I keep them in these full-to-bursting binders & I really want to toss them out because I'm a typical Virgo who can't stands clutter. I figure I might as well get this stuff up online although I'll be 90 years old before I'm done. If I were rich I'd hire some pimply-faced tween to do the grunt work because I'm charitable that way lol.

And believe it or not, I'm actually considering adding a 6th blog! This one will have to do exclusively with sex & relationships, topics which I find very interesting to say the least. My knowledge in these areas is practically "virginal" compared to more "seasoned" bloggers in this field but you know that isn't going to stop me, right? Besides, where else can I put up links to my favourite bondage sites???

So stay tuned, hoes & johns - missdelite's here & she ain't done yet!