My Fave Things

frame - Black's - Holt Renfrew Centre // calendar pic by Japanese photog - Science City - Holt Renfrew Centre

notebook - Indigo (book store) - Manulife Centre // Butterfly magnet - Rafters - Hudson's Bay Centre // bowl w/lid - The Bay - Bloor & Yonge // storage case - Crabtree & Evelyn - Hazelton Lanes

necklace - The Bay

necklace - The Bay

necklace - The Bay

necklace - The Bay

bracelets - The Bay // vase - Rafters

cuff bracelet - The Bay

shoe - Guess - Bloor & Yonge // green storage bin - The Bay

bracelet & green ring - The Bay // red ring - Ardene - Hudson's Bay Centre // notecards - Indigo //Mario Testino coffeetable book - BMV Books - Yonge & Eglinton

yellow belt - Jacob - Manulife Centre // decorative plate - Rafters // blank greeting cards - gift store - Holt Renfrew Centre

reddish orange vase - Club Monaco // tea mug - The Tea Emporium - Hazelton Lanes // glass vase - Rafters

metal wall art - Rafters

metal wall art

tourquoise glass dish - The Bay

purse - shoe boutique -Hudson's Bay Centre // Toronto Life's Eating & Drinking guide // Pablo Picasso by MOMA - "borrowed" from family member

shoe - shoe boutique - Hudson's Bay Centre // Toronto City Walks tour guide cards - Teatro Verde - Hazelton Lanes // Giant Graphics coffeetable book - BMV Books

jewelry box - The Bay

cat lamp - Rafters

storage case - Crabtree & Evelyn

clutch - shoe boutique - Hudson's Bay Centre

shoe - Guess

handbag - Winners - Bloor St.

Do you remember when I said I like to shop in my neighbourhood? Well, here's the proof! Everything's from around these parts except the coffeetable books. I support the local economy!

Rafters is a favourite store of mine. They sell reasonably-priced giftware & decor items & there's always something new on display. I stop by often, as you can see. I probably have over a dozen of their items at my place & maybe helped put one of their kids through college.

The Bay is my one-stop shop for costume jewelry. Located on racks next to their bustling makeup counters, the pieces they sell are bold but not overwhelming - just my style.
They've decor items upstairs including tons of different storage containers of which I can never have enough.
Their fashion choices cater to a more...uh, let's say "mature" crowd. Maybe 60-year-olds? Not for me, thanks.

When it comes to fashion, I definitely stop by Guess from time to time. Their take on the trends is borderline hussy which is probably why I always come away with something lol.

And that yellow belt? A steal from Jacob at $15 on sale. Yellow's hot this season so while you won't ever see me in an all-yellow dress, I'll pair that beautiful belt with a grey Jacob dress to add more interest to it. I tried on the dress with the belt last week & they looked great together but funds were so tight I had to put the dress back. That hurt because you know by the time I manage to afford it, they probably won't have my size. Fingers crossed it's still there!

Shopping's one of my passions, there's no doubt about it. I love buying something unique that won't break the bank - it's like finding buried treasure. And when someone compliments me on one of my finds, that's the icing on the cake. Of course, I have to tell them where I got it from & how much it cost because I'm so incredibly proud of myself; I'm a giver, what can I say?

Now the fall season's here which means more shopping! Let's see, I need boots & shoes & coats & sweaters & jeans & jewelry & a new job...