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Oh, baby...

Jon: Is this the easiest dance for pear-shaped white guys such as ourselves?

This jacket? I believe it's J. Crew, but don't quote me on that.

Hey handsome, where're we going tonight?

Caught Paul Rudd on the Daily Show couple weeks ago & he was so adorably cute & charming. His goofy dance made me laugh out loud - funniest thing ever. When we women say we like a guy with a sense of humour, he's a fine example of what we're talking about. Dude seems so laid back & unaware of his own sex appeal & that makes him even hotter in our eyes. And when we say that all the good ones are taken, we're talking about guys like him.

STATS: He's 39, married & Jewish__Breakout performance: Clueless (1995)__Played Phoebe's boyfriend, Mike Hannigan on Friends (2004)__Bunch of other stuff here: Wikipedia

Paul's sexy dance
You sexy thing
Mike Hannigan on Friends

Papermag feature
He thinks his clothes came from Banana Republic, but then adds, "I actually like J. Crew more. I like preppy a lot." That said, he's also a bona-fide Synth-Pop, New-Wave, New-Romantic music nerd. Get him started on Depeche Mode or Yaz and before you know it, he's rolling off names like Ultravox, Feargal Sharkey and Aztec Camera. It's this casual dorkiness, a sort of anti-larger-than-life-ness, that makes Rudd impossibly charming, and it's also one of the magical qualities that make audiences empathize with the characters he plays even when they are surly.