Noble Deed

More Than 20 People Passed as Homeless New York Man Bled to Death
Sorry, but this woman deserves the brunt of the blame here. After getting her ass saved by this guy, she couldn't dial 911 and tell them she was just mugged at knife-point at X corner and get a patrol car to take a look around? Not only is this poor guy dead, but this douche is still on the streets looking for his next victim. (not that they would've necessarily caught him but Jesus, you never know...and at least there's an alert out for other potential victims.) Then again, maybe she didn't want to waste her cell phone minutes. Or have her green card status checked...?

missdelite: A person can jump to a lot of conclusions based on the scant evidence we've been given about this incident, but only an ass would say "this woman deserves the brunt of the blame here". Seriously dude, what are you smoking? Do you really think she gave a fuck about her cell phone minutes after having been robbed at knifepoint?

Obviously, you've never been attacked or traumatized a day in your life, in which case bully for you. I hereby sentence you to 40 days community service at a rape crisis centre to get your empathy back.

Or go punch a kitten, if that's what you're in to.

What am I smoking? What are you smoking? Do you really think I believe she's worried about her cell phone minutes? Sarcasm. Sarcasm. As for being assaulted or traumatized by an assault, yes I've been a victim of it in good ol' NYC, and the only decent thing to do in this instance (assuming the woman herself isn't also stabbed and dead somwhere) is to report this immediately for other women and the community.

missdelite: Sarcasm FAIL.

How wonderful that you're able to function with a level head moments after having been attacked. Of course, all victims are just like you, or else something must be wrong with them.

And this: we don't know for certain she didn't call 911. Maybe she did and the police took their damn time as is often the case. I certainly wouldn't blame her if she didn't, as it's also possible she collapsed at the nearest establishment from shock. Why don't you call all the area ERs and find out whether they got a call for a disheveled woman passed out on the floor of a McDonalds or Starbucks before chastising her for not having done her civic duty?

PS - I don't smoke, but I sure as hell know when it's being blown up my ass.

I hope that if we're ever confronted by a similar situation in the future, that if I come to YOUR aid and get stabbed, that you'll just go lie down in a Macdonald's or Starbucks all disheveled by the trauma. Like Mr. Tale-Yax, I look forward to bleeding out on the sidewalk because YOU were so traumatized. Heh heh, that's rich.

missdelite: What's rich is that you can't conceive for one second how a victim could possibly be in no position to help out another victim just because they were rescued. Somehow, my "collapsed/passed out" became your "just go lie down", as if the attacked woman casually stopped by the nearest establishment to enjoy a moment of rest between sips of coffee, as opposed to actually being caught up in the throes of trauma. How callous of her to ignore his chivalrous act! Why the hell did he even bother if she was going to walk away, huh?

Cause that's what decent people do. They intervene when they see a crime being committed, without looking for anything in return. Unfortunately, this man was a victim of cause-and-effect and he didn't anticipate being stabbed. If there's anyone who should be blamed here, it's the goddamned criminal who probably walked away with 40 bucks and a tube of lipstick.

At least Mr. Tale-Yax died having done something noble. Lord knows, there's no dignity in living on the street, where a guy can get knifed for his shoes and the sidewalk is likely the only place where he can lie down and not catch a serious case of head lice.

I take back my suggestion for you to go work at a rape crisis centre. I thought it might help you get your empathy back, but I see you had none to begin with. And if you see me being attacked, don't bother intervening. The guilt of not having returned the favour would surely kill me.