Snark Attack

Did a Law Student 'Cat Fight' Lead to Harvard's Racist Email Scandal?
So she's into white supremacy,who cares?!
I do. And everyone who's ever been the victim of racism does.

As Penn (from Penn & Tellers TV show) said maybe you guys are just to weak for the first amendment.
Penn's your hero? Now THAT'S weak.

You can't in allow health care rallies than ban Tea Party events.
Write a proper sentence, for fuck's sake.

You support Pride Marches and then Ban KKK Meetings.
Yup. But don't worry - you can recycle those sheets and a little bleach will get out the blood of my ancestors.

Everyone one needs to be heard and not dismissed.
Incorrect. Case in point: pedophiles, bestiality enthusiasists, incestuous grandparents and a commenter named "quickstrike".

I feel that Stephanie Grace is wrong, however I resepect her opinion.
She's a lucky woman to have earned your "resepect". That's like a budding chef being praised for his knife skills by Jeffrey Dahmer.

"While I may not agree with what she says, I will defend to the death her right to say it!"
Go ahead. I won't stop you. And if you don't succeed the first time, you're in luck cause this won't be the last time Ms.Grace puts her foot in her mouth.

And you know what? The irony is, I don't think Stephie would welcome your support. She's an elitist Harvard law student and you sound like you fell off the back of a turnip truck. If it makes you feel better, maybe one day you'll meet her at a Klan rally and she'll let you light her cross-burning match. You can remind her of the day you went to bat for her and she'll look at you as if you're dipped in shit, but at least you'll walk away feeling good about defending her right to regard you as the jackass that you are.

It Could Be True