The Perfect Wife™

Jim Carrey: Elin Was a 'Willing Participant' in Tiger's Affairs
I'll never understand why Tiger would marry someone without first securing road beef privileges. This whole thing could have been avoided with a little honest conversation and understanding.

missdelite: Little-known fact: The Perfect Wife™ who loves her husband, looks good, keeps house and looks the other way while he chases tail exists on a tiny island in the Pacific populated by unicorns, leprechauns, honest politicians and bankers born with a conscience.

Perez Hilton and Ian Halperin did an Oscar-winning documentary on their existence which they refused to accept because they felt it defiled the integrity of their craft.

Demands for The Perfect Wife™ is now so great that they're being sold on The Shopping Channel by zombie Billy Mays, 1:10-1:15am, every second Thursday of every fourth leap year. Payment by delinquent credit card holders only.

Pope Ratzinger blessed this comment, so there's no need to verify its claims.