Boxing Day


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Shop! Damn it! It is Your Patriotic Duty!
The poster above says it all, doesn't it? I wonder, does anyone go shopping just to help out the economy? I doubt it. We don't shop to satisfy retailers - what a ridiculous notion. We shop because we need/want something, are bored/restless/gotta get out of the house or because we just don't feel "right" if we're not constantly replenishing our stash of shiny new things. Of course, when the money tree's bare, that puts a crimp in our plans, doesn't it?

I for one, am on a tight budget this holiday season - which is to say - I'm broke. There's really no point in spending what's left of my meager savings just because the sales are massive. Word is, retailers are soon going to be paying us to relieve them of their merch which is all fine and dandy, except I know by the time I'm ready to spend spend spend, there won't be the items I want available in my size or colour of choice. The other option is cyberspace retail but I've yet to pop my online cherry. Maybe 09's the year to start? I dunno. I've got to touch and try on something before I buy it - especially shoes. And I don't want to wait for its delivery either.

Couple years ago, I had the misfortune of stopping by the Eaton Centre on Boxing Day - I really don't remember what I needed so badly it couldn't wait another day. Never again. The crush of people, the warm, stuffy odours of B.O. and musty jackets...not my idea of a good time. Couldn't wait to get outta there. I don't even think everyone was there to shop/return stuff. I think some people went just to be part of a large, shuffling crowd. Maybe it beat the hell out of sitting at home, watching TV and listening to the in-laws yack all day long? I bet you yesterday, somewhere in the Eaton Centre, a frustrated relative bought a cone/box of fries/soda for another frustrated relative, shoved it into their grubby hands and thought: Now STFU!