It's Called Winter

Oh Canada! Our home and cold-as-f@ck native land!

At 10:51 am it was minus 15 degrees Celsius w/the windchill - at 4:30 pm it was minus 22

In my mind, it's not officially winter until the first blizzard - so yesterday, we kicked off the season with a bang -and gusts of wind of up to 70 km/hr. On the 26th floor, the wind howled, shrieked and whistled through the gap in my window like a hysterical madwoman - an apt stereotype if you've ever been in the vicinity of such a phenomenon. Right now, at my desk by the window, it's so bone-chillingly cold my feet are literally freezing in their shoes. I refuse, however, to seal up my place so tight the air's dry enough to feel like I've devoured a gravel sandwich.

Outside yesterday, it wasn't bad temperature-wise if you dressed for the occasion. I'll never understand why people walk around in a mess like that wearing nothing but a light jacket, no hat, scarf or gloves. Hey kamikazes, here's a tip: Frostbite ain't sexy!

After I paid my bills, I bought my first bottle of zinc lozenges at Shoppers Drug Mart - yummy! From now on, I plan to suck on those babies until the end of March because I'll be damned if I'm going to catch a cold. That's right, I'm gonna fight it. Citizens, be forewarned: If you succumb to the nasty virus, please be sure to cough, sneeze and drool away from the nice lady in the fake fur hat.
Yes, that would be me.