Is He a Psycho?

As it turns out, Mr. X hasn't left the building.

He appears to be mildly obsessed with me, which for now, scares me just a little.

It's the money, people. It's all about the money.

Under any other circumstance, a guy like this couldn't get close enough to count my nose hairs.

But this guy's rich. And willing to spend - or so he's leading me to believe.

In actual fact, so far, he's only paid for 2 hours of my time.

The gifts, however, keep coming. And endless number of texts: he's fucking married to his Blackberry.

Yesterday, he actually had the gall to show up to my building unannounced.

Thank god I've got a good screening system which necessitates me having to meet him in the lobby so I can escort him up to my place.

At this point, he's displaying highly unorthodox behaviour for someone I've met only twice, and a level of familiarity that's borderline uncomfortable.

Have I mentioned he lives in my neighbourhood? Takes him 15 minutes to walk to my place.

Yes, this could get ugly.

But luckily, I'm not an idiot, greedy, or desperate.

And I don't put up with crap from anyone.

If he creeps me out any further - and chances are he will - I'll have to tell him in no uncertain terms that it just won't work out between us.

On the other hand...there's a slight possibility I may be able to ride this cash cow to higher ground.

Oh - what? Does that sound cold?

Well, that's the nature of the business.

Somehow, these guys forget that everything they get from a working girl is bought and paid for and that the money is the sole reason she's around.

Yes, rarely, genuine friendships/relationships based on mutual caring and understanding arise out of situations like this.

But it's not the norm.

Most of the time, the hired companion's just watching the damn clock. Or thinking about what she'll have for dinner while he's going down on her. Or wondering what the hell she did in life to deserve being groped by a man with zero charm and halitosis so bad it could peel paint.

Speaking of halitosis, Mr. X could use an Altoid or two.

And speaking of Mr. X, he keeps referring to the movie Pretty Woman and saying to me: "Dreams can come true."

Unfortunately, I think to myself, they're his dreams, not mine.


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