The City

That dress is MINE (in black).

The skirt makes me drool with envy. Damn you, Whitney!

Shh! She's thinking...

One more bangle, ok dahhhlink?

Yes, good girls CAN wear pleather.

Aww...she's so in luv with whatshisname.

Sorry, Jay - they couldn't find a fuglier jacket if they tried.

Erin looks like a Suzy. Yeah, call her Suzy!

You know she's the funnest one here, right?

Betcha Olivia's jacket cost more than the photo shoot.

No one plays a snotty hottie better than this girl.

Adam's practicing peeler moves for when the show's over.

Sweet jeebus, Allie's upper arm's the same size as her forearm.

She'll morph into the bad girl, wait & see.

Ok. I admit it. I'm hooked on The City.

MTV - you got me. Happy now?

I resisted Laguna Beach and The Hills because it was so damn easy. What the hell do I have in common with Heidi - fucking - Montag? Or Lauren Conrad? And where else, save California or Miami, can you go to that many pool parties?

The City's different. It's relatable. And the cast is hot, slick, glam and chic.

Olivia's got pedigree - she brings credibility to the show. Who doesn't want to bang Adam? Erin's fun and Whitney's sweet but naive.

In fact, Whitney's the girl most likely to get crushed by The Big Bad City, but this being a show, she'll rise above the garbage-strewn streets like the pretty Cali angel she is (snort!).

What to say about Jay? He's cute, his music sucks, and they're not giving him much to do. He's supportive, that's it. No one breaks Whitney's heart because she's too damn good! He'll trip up somewhere down the line cause he's a dude, but he'll make a swift recovery so that Whit Whit doesn't ruin her makeup bawling her eyes out. No one wants to see that!

As for Allie, I'm afraid she's doomed to play the bad girl. With her intriguing look and dour facial expressions, it's only a matter of time before she makes a play for Jay, gets caught by Airy Fairy Whitney and then banished to Evil Girl exile forever.

Unless... Little Miss Allie gets a contract with Max Factor. Then MTV might have to create another spin-off, follow her around the globe on exotic photo shoots and eavesdrop as she hob-knobs with Karl, Anna and Carine.

Wait a minute, am I onto something???


Call me!

You sick bastards.

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