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"lulu butts drive me nuts!!!!!!" says one horny commenter [pics:images.google.com]

Bought a copy of Canadian Business the other day. The headline, Top 100 Richest Canadians caught my eye. With everything that's going on, I wanted to know who the big players are in the economy. Who's really got a say in how the show's run?

Amongst the billionaire and millionaire George Costanza-lookalikes, one guy in particular stood out: Chip Wilson. His name evokes the image of an ex-football player, which isn't far off the mark: He's tall, broad-shouldered and used to be an avid snowboarder. In his magazine picture, he appears to be in fine athletic shape, looming above the cameraman wearing a form-fitting, long-sleeve blue shirt with the clear blue sky in the background. You can check him out in the Interview with Chip Wilson link below. (Aside: the guy doing the interview - TommyDouglas - is a real cutie!)

I was going to post about Chip Wilson under the tag "crushes" but he's 53, married and has 5 boys, so it didn't feel right. Instead I've disguised my attraction to tall, successful men with an ode to Canadian achievement.

Now, since the list was published in Nov.08, lululemon's stock has nosedived. Chip was actually a billionaire for a short while but poor stock performance got him disinvited from that club. I've faith the company will rally back, though. The lululemon line of yogawear's a good quality product and I don't believe yoga (or pilates) will be given up easily by body-conscious urbanites. I, myself, own a few of their pants, shorts and sports bras and they've stood the test of time (well, the shorts are a bit nubbly). A couple years ago, I took some yoga classes in my cute gear but all that stretching and balancing didn't give me a complete workout. I'm still pissed at the gym for making me pay for 10 months of unused membership. My feeling was, if I don't want something, why should I have to pay for it? I was told by the manager my account would go to a collection agency if I refused to pay, so rather than deal with those pit bulls, I let them rape me, financially speaking. Effin' pirates.

Anyway, rant aside, I present to you what I think is a balanced portrait of Chip Wilson and his company, lululemon athletica:

Company History
After 20 years in the surf, skate and snowboard business, founder Chip Wilson took the first commercial yoga class offered in Vancouver and found the result exhilarating.

How lululemon Came Into Being: A Gross Generalization by Chip Wilson
In 1997 or so, yoga emerged as an activity that was both accessible and non-competitive for its participants. It showed up at a time when women recognized the benefits of decompressing and living in the moment. Yoga provided the same great feeling as snowboarding or surfing but could be done in an hour and a half and close to home.

The Lululemon Love Affair
What makes Lululemon different, though, is what Chip Wilson calls its “culture.” Wilson and Lululemon have created a lulu-lifestyle: a manifesto born from a group of yogis, dancers, runners and regular consumers who follow the brand like a religion.

Interview with Chip Wilson
His latest event, Chip's Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile, a fundraiser that took place on June 20, 2008 - was a wild run/parade up a 10th ave hill. All donations were matched dollar for dollar by Chip - providing the BC Children's Hospital Foundation with some amazing support!

Yoga Mogul Has Critics in a Knot
"I can't answer for the man, he's misunderstood in his own way."

The Seedy Underside of Lululemon
Chip Wilson credits his success to The Landmark Forum, an intensive international 3 1/2-day training seminar. The program has garnered widespread criticism for what some see as its boot-camp techniques, hard-sell recruitment tactics, heavy reliance on free labour, secretive nature and its links to Werner Erhard, a former Scientologist who developed the methodology.

The Butt That Just Won't Quit
The New York Times recently revealed in laboratory testing that Lululemon’s VitaSea fabric, used in its popular yoga pants and apparel, does not, in fact, release special marine amino acids and help your skin.

Hidden Message on lululemon Bag
Choose the moment, be creative and be successful. You only have 30,000 days to live and then you are dead.

Limited Edition Remix Lululemon Hoodies
This limited edition Lululemon hoodie that I found today takes the cake for being the ugliest hoodie I have ever seen in my entire life.

Lululemon Stock Plunges
Yoga wear retailer Lululemon Athletica Inc. has dramatically reduced expectations for the holiday quarter and next year, blaming the recessionary economy and weaker Canadian dollar.
The news caused the Vancouver-based company's volatile stock to tumble more than 30 per cent or $4.35 to close at $8.80 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Thursday after trading as low as $8.62.
One analyst described the stock as "dead money" in the near term.

The Canadian 2008-09 Rich 100
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