Beat Me

Illustration by Eric Stanton

Dr Channard
50s Erotic Art

Think it's easy being a dominatrix?

Very few professional dominants have sex with their clients, which is what attracts some women to this particular field of work. Doing domination allows women to reap the financial rewards of sex work without running the usual risks, e.g., STIs and arrest. (Pay the "nice" lady to beat you off? Totally illegal. Pay the "mean" lady to beat you? Totally legal.) Doing professional domination does, however, require more of an investment up front - the gear is expensive, expertise takes time to acquire (fucking is easy, flogging is hard), and a sub paying $500 an hour is going to want to be dominated in a tricked-out dungeon, not a studio apartment with a futon on the floor. -Dan Savage


I thought all it took was a pair of thigh-high stiletto boots, smacking some schlub's ass with a ping pong paddle and yelling: You suck!