All Talk

"This is to be primarily a Hip-Hop blog. I’ve been a hip-hop head my entire life, and I’ve gone through all the phases. I’ve run the full spectrum. I listened to Run-DMC and NWA when I was 10 years old, then got way into Bay Area gangster rap when I was in high school. I listened to 2Pac 24/7, and a bunch of local Bay Area artists like Tha Funxsouljaz, Ray Luv, Mac Mall, Spice 1, Brotha Lynch Hung, Totally Insane, and Tha Delinquents. I even started working with Crack or Jack Records, a local Bay Area record label, and it’s around this time that I became good friends with one of the dopest producers in the Bay Area, mister DJ Mark 7.

Then I went off to a small liberal arts college, and it was there that someone someone introduced me to Aceyalone and the Living Legends, and I became quite the little backpack rapper. I suddenly put aside the gangster shit in favor of artists like Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Ab Rude, and Zion I. Then, I went even further down the hip-hop rabbit hole and became a devoted follower of the Anticon family.

This is all just a little background to let you know that in my 30 years on this earth, I’ve listened to pretty much every flavor of hip-hop you can think of. From the utterly obscure, to the mainstream… shit you’d hear on street corners or in coffee shops, I’ve soaked it all in.

So I think this qualifies me to join the ranks of over-opinionated hip-hop nerds in the blogosphere. I plan on writing about everything from the hot new joint on the radio to the nerdy laptop DJs trying their hardest to ruin hip-hop (who am I kidding, we all know I’m talking about Girl Talk), and hopefully I will have some friends helping me out."

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