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>"First few seconds are blurry, be patient though-worth it! :) After going to this concert I wrote a joke-article about having her baby through stem cell research... Amazing artist."
This is simply amazing, as if the atmosphere were sucking in her music -- and the Girl and Her piano have all the time in this world."
Get Home
>"jiblethead you fucking moron. What the fuck does "hot" have to do with music? It's all those "hot" talentless barbie dolls that have all but destroyed music. Sarah is the real deal. All talent. No fluff.
Go fuck yourself and listen to your Britney Spears CDs. Britney's "hot" (after her graphics team photoshops the extra 40 lbs off of her).
And BTW - Sarah is a natural beauty who is more concerned about her art than plastic, impossible perfect features."
Out in the Park
>"One of the most jubilant people I've ever seen play."
>"My sister opened up for her when she came and played in my home town so I got to meet her, she's super nice."
>"Her voice gets better and better. I would like to hear her in ten years."

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You have to wonder if Slean is laying herself bare in a kind of last-ditch strategic manoeuvre. The same industry exec who alluded to Slean’s Piaf pretensions wondered whether The Baroness would finally, hopefully, be the breakout album the singer and her label have been hoping for. When Warner signed Slean a decade ago, both industry and media types envisioned the piano prodigy as a Canadian version of Tori Amos, the faerie-referencing songstress who now lives in a palatial English estate. That promise was never quite realized. Amos laid the groundwork for her quirky, fantastical work with intensely autobiographical material (Me and a Gun is a real-life account of being raped) before detouring into wackier territory. Slean, by contrast, started out arty, and only got weirder.
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