Italian Men

Ti amo, Fabio


I like Italian men.

Italian men are hot.

They're passionate, bold, and charming. They know how to enjoy a woman's company and they know how to kiss. They know what to do with their hands and...everything else.

Italian men have just enough swagger to make me want them, just enough cockiness to keep me interested and just enough arrogance to advance their position when I'm ready to give in.

Italian men get me.

They see me as a challenge. They're not easily intimidated and when it comes to romantic pursuits, they're basically fearless.

Their perseverance is such a turn on.

I get wet thinking about it.

The thrill of the chase isn't just for the pursuer: being elusive gives me a rush as it makes the stakes that much higher and the inevitable that much sweeter.

Italian men are the very definition of erotic. They understand there's more to sex than co-mingling body parts.

So much more.

Italian men are my weakness.

And they know it.

A fact I enjoy, to our mutual satisfaction.

Ti Amo

Bratty Batty Bale