Sex in the City

Eye Weekly
Hotspots your fellow citizens have christened in the name of love, sex and fried chicken:

Cherry Beach_Andrew Alexander

"It was over the summer...It's a great place to get it on, it's dark as hell at night (for concealment) and as you work west down the beach, there are even little landing pads overlooking the lake."

Eaton Centre_Ron Wilson

(Gap change room)
"It was during last year's holiday rush and my boyfriend and I got to use the big change room together because the line up was so huge. We didn't plan on having sex until we started to take our clothes off. The store was so hectic, no one noticed what we were doing."

(Food court bathroom)
"It was awful. The mall was about to close and we'd just had KFC... We snuck into the men's bathroom stall... Our fingers were still greasy and our breath smelled like oil. Suddenly we heard the door open and I fell back... my hand went into the toilet and that person went back out laughing."

Greyhound_d olinick

"I gave my boyfriend a decent, full-exposure hand job in the back seat of a full Greyhound bus. Considering how rank those buses are, it was the only sex act that could be hygienically recommended."


(On the roof of Blockbuster)
"It was in August. And it was cold nonetheless. Not my finest hour... The roof was covered with that little pea gravel, and that stuff can get lodged in some uncomfortable places."

Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower

"I gave my boyfriend a blow job while having a late lunch at the restaurant at the top last summer. There weren't a lot of people eating and the staff were busy talking to each other. It's probably the closest we'll ever get to the mile-high club."

Tribeca construction site_Infinite Jeff

(Construction site, Bathurst & Richmond)
"I caught sight of an unfinished yet strangely inviting condo rising up in a corner lot to the east. It was a summer night and the temptation was just too great. We quietly slipped through the flimsy fence and found a roughed-in shower on a skeletal second floor, the site of someone's future marble bathroom..."

Casa Loma_2008 Road Trip_(pics: flickr.com)

(Casa Loma's Meadow Garden)
"It was a sunny and hot afternoon last July and the place was practically deserted. My girlfriend and I were at the far end of the garden and no one was around us. It was so romantic. Flowers everywhere, a threshold covered in leaves, a shady spot under a tree... We took our time and I hope to do it again."