Million Dollar Listing

Madison - "Ambiguously Bisexual" - Hildebrand
Josh - "Sticky Fingers" - Flagg
Chad - "Bowl Cut Boy" - Rogers

This is for the ladies...AND the dudes.

Watched Million Dollar Listing last night. And by "watched" I mean it was on in the background while I surfed. Bravo to Bravo for replacing the original cast - crusty, moth-eaten eccentrics - with this smarmy bunch. They're infinitely more interesting and I'm sure the ratings went through the roof.

Madison, Josh and Chad make obscene commissions on their deals. And it looks like they funnel it all back into the haircare industry. If nothing else, they understand the power of image - or that their clients are really shallow. They tend to their looks with a level of care and attention that would make a Japanese Zen gardener weep. I'd say youth and beauty works to their advantage almost a little too well. It makes me wonder how exactly they got to where they are today. Tell me, do free hand jobs come with those listings? Do the bleached blonde cougars demand a lap dance before signing anything?

Fine, call me a skeptic. Last night, Josh tossed out these numbers at a client that made my head spin: $30 million for the property, $30 million to build a tricked-out Monster McMansion ("He can put in a dishwasher that jerks you off"), sell for $100 million, to make a tidy profit of $40 million.

Once again I ask, What recession?

Of course, money and looks are what make this show a hit. That, and the fact that everyone wants to see Chad's hair go up in flames.

Madison Sells Himself
Chad IS His Hair
Josh Arrested for Theft
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*Did Josh steal the paintings? Commenter writes:
"He was arrested in July for the art theft (which BTW turns out did occur, but they were fakes and the owners didn't want it out that the works were fake, hence the dropped charges).
In May he got arrested on a public lewdness charge for "misbehaving" on a public street in a car with another guy." (tvgasm.com)
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