My $.02

My 2 Cents from Bank of America_sroemerm_flickr.com

"Huh, I really can't hate on other people's work. If these women feel safe and well-paid for their work, then ok. It is not my place to judge them.
I think I'm more sad that in order to make a proper living, one has to work so much. I have been considering taking another job, and we don't even live in NYC anymore. I may not have anyone licking my stiletto boots (don't own any), but I'm more demoralized by that, than anything.
>@__: And how do I explain to __, that I'll never see her, because I have to work more, in order for us to scrape by? It's not because we buy too many clothes. Lastly, she deserves to continue in her gymnastics, etc..I'm not making her quit in order for us to eat. That's absurd.
It's shitty and I practically weep at the concept. We're ok now, but we quite possibly, may not be. It's all very depressing.
>@__: As a kid who grew up with a single parent on food stamps let me tell you, if it comes down to gymnastics vs. seeing more of your kid go with quality time EVERY time.
I still can't do an aerial for shit but I have great memories of practicing in the park while my dad told me how daring and courageous I was. It made me the fearless, kick-ass lady I am today.
Seriously, unless you really think she's the next Nastia Lukin (and would you want that life for her?) know that in the long run she will never resent you for making the hard choice to take away things. Just my $.02."