Brits Do it Better

Sense and Sensibility: Cute guy falls for...

...Plain Jane. He loves her for her mind!

Bleak House: w/Gillian Anderson as Lady Dedlock

Oh no! Apparently the BBC is fazing out its production of period dramas. Whaaat? But these guys are the experts at this stuff! What will they do with all those crinolines? Where will the classically-trained actors go? Dude, Where's My Car 2???

For sure, they've told so many long, drawn-out tales, I've lost count. You can see them all on YouTube if you want. Still, when every aspect is in fine form - from the acting to the storyline, costumes, music, cute guy falling for diamond-in-the-rough girl, dramatic tension, death, murder, betrayal etc. - the genre is as good as any other for keeping you glued to your seat. No one beats the BBC when it comes to pre-20th century drama.

I implore them: Please reconsider this decision. I'm sure viewership of this kind of material would increase if the serials weren't so damn tedious. Why not give us the "Coles Notes" version that lasts only 2 hours? Diehards could rent/download the extended cut, all 42 million hours of it. Win-win situation, right?

So where am I going to get my heaving-bosoms, sword-fighting, jig-dancing, pox-inflicted fix now? Fox Television?

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